Forever? Forever.

It is a smut so yeah
What happens when the girl of Luke's dream and his girlfriend is four months pregnant with his best friend


7. chapter 5

We walk to my door and i sit on the bed he was looking at my eyes then my lips Was it really going to happen? He answered my silent question by slamming his lips down on mine; one of his hands coming to the back of my head to keep me in place. I was blown away; I had dreamed about this so many times that I couldn’t even believe it was happening.

He suddenly pulled away and stood up before hurriedly taking a step back.

“I’m sorry” he said as he brushed his lips with one finger and straightened his white shirt, his eyes avoiding me.

“It’s hum… It’s okay” I answered, disappointment evident in my voice. I then frowned; I didn’t want this to stop; he didn’t have the right to do that and then just say that he was sorry.

I got up and walked over to him; he turned his head toward me and I stopped a few feet away from him. I made sure to hold his gaze as I got on my tiptoes; I wanted to make sure I wasn’t making him uncomfortable so I took my time as I brushed my lips over his; he didn’t move so I finally closed the gap.

He immediately responded and started to kiss me back; his hands coming to my waist as he pressed his back against a wall and held me closer. I could feel his chest through both our shirts and I wanted nothing more than rip his off his body.

“What are we doing ash will hear"he whispered against my lips, before pulling away. He looked at me; his fingertips slightly digging into my hips as he made sure there was no space left between us.

“I want this” I informed him, confidence taking over me as I’d never had said something like that to michael it either happened or i didn't.

“Are you sure?” he asked, his hands coming to my face as he forced me to look at him; his eyes were forcing the truth out of me.

“I am.” I said before kissing him again. He trailed his fingers under my top and started stroking my skin; goose bumps forming on it as he ran them just under my bra. He then wrapped his arms around my lower back and slowly pulled away from the wall; walking me toward the bed

“I’ve kind of always wanted to do this” he admitted as he sat me on the edge of the bed before pulling down my jeans to reveal my lace panties. I parted my legs and smirk as he gasped, his eyes on my covered core.

“Holy shit, I wasn’t expecting that” he breathed as he ran his hands up my legs. I shivered and reached out to place my hand on his boner; my fingers wrapping around the outline of his hardening length.

“Quick” he repeated as he took a step back and placed his hands on my hips before turning me around so that I was facing the bed. “Is it okay that way?” he asked and I hastily nodded as he pressed a hand in-between my shoulder blades, forcing me to bend down.

He very slowly pulled my panties down and I tried not to moan as he caressed my thighs in the process. I then heard the sound of a zipper and next thing I knew he was pressing himself against me; his erection brushing against my backside.

“Luke please!” I whined as I tried to push myself against him. I heard him chuckle and looked over my shoulder to see pumping his length a few times.He ran a finger up and down my slits and hummed in satisfaction as he noticed how aroused I was.

I felt his tip press against my entrance and I bit down on my lower lip as he started to push in. He groaned in satisfaction and I griped on the edge of the bed and he slowly pulled out and pushed in again. He built up a steady rhythm; his hands firmly holding my hips as he kept thrusting in and out of me.

“Oh god you feel too damn good” he growled as I saw his hands move to the side of the bed and he pressed his thighs to the back of mine, reaching deeper inside of me.

“Oh god Luke ” I moaned and I soon felt his chest against my back as he brushed a few strand of hair out of my face and placed his lips under my ear.

“Y/n"he let out and I moaned his name as a knot started to form in the pit of my stomach. “Are you close?” he asked and it almost sounded like a plea. I nodded and he picked up his pace; his skin now slapping against mine as he gave it his all. I came a few seconds later; my body jolting forward and my mouth opening in shock as a powerful orgasm took over my body and mind.

“Oh shit, (Y/N)!” Luke moaned as he gave three more thrusts and stilled inside of me. He pressed his lips against my shoulder and made sure to quiet himself down as he came into me his hips twitching a few times against my backside.

He pulled out of me and I slowly stood up before turning around to face him. I pulled my jeans up as he zipped his pants up and when he finally looked at me, I noticed that a satisfied and lazy smile had appeared on his face.

"That was wow"he said

"Yeah wow"i say

"Shit we didn't use a condom"luke says

"I l know i will go to the doctors soon"i say

" i really do love you"he says in the crook of my neck

"I really do love u too"is all i mumble and find myself drifting to sleep in his arms

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