Forever? Forever.

It is a smut so yeah
What happens when the girl of Luke's dream and his girlfriend is four months pregnant with his best friend


6. chapter 4

Luke was wrestling With cal omg it was a great sight god luke why do you do this to me.

I think i was staring to long because the next thing that happened was

"Like what you see baby" he ask wiggling his eyebrows i just smile and laughed

"Y/n/n i was wondering what you were doing later but you seen to be busy"cal says

"I love you"he whispered in my ear

"Why all of a sudden does everyone seem to love me"i ask

"Because your adorable"luke says

"I love you luke"i say

"I love you too"he says smiling

"I have something for you"he says

"For being the best friend ever"he says

"Close your eyes"he says again

I do just that i feel something cold around my neck

I look in the mirror

"Oh luke its its beautiful"i say

"No its not beautiful you are"he says i smile

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