Forever? Forever.

It is a smut so yeah
What happens when the girl of Luke's dream and his girlfriend is four months pregnant with his best friend


5. chapter 3

I drink more and more i feel a bit sick so luke took me home. When i got home I didn't like not having big strong arms around me to hold me and keep me safe.

"Will you stay with me luke"i say

"Of course I will"he says

He gets up takes his top off and gets into bed

I nuzzle in to him and fall asleep.

i wake up by shouting luke is still fast asleep next to me

"But i love her ash"i hear mikey shout

"No you don't you just use her for sex and im sick of it she is my sister"ash shouts back

It was true thats all we normally did

I walked downstairs

"You two shut up plz some of us want to sleep"i mumble

My head was pounding

"Omg last night I didn't mean it y/n i love you"he says

"Mikey save it for your next bitch"i snap

"Woah sis what got into you"ash says

"I released im worth way more than that dickhead will ever fucking know"i say

"Im not a dickhead i love you"he snaps

"I know about lily she told me and u have phoned me by accident while you have been fucking her"i say

It all stayed silent

"Babe come upstairs"luke says

I go back up stairs and luke is...

Cliffhangers bitches (not in a bad wayyy) 😂😂😂


Hey so guys im not sure about This chapter it probs bad but hey ho (this reminds me of Hi or hey)but yeah hope you enjoy it

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