Forever? Forever.

It is a smut so yeah
What happens when the girl of Luke's dream and his girlfriend is four months pregnant with his best friend


4. chapter 2

Mikey seamed a bit pissed about this but didn't do anything.

I walk to mikey

"Where over"and i slap him in the face

He was shocked

I went back to luke

"I love you luke"i say

"No you don't you love mikey not me"he says

I stare at him

"I love you"he says to me

I give him my confused look. we just kiss

Mikey was watching us.

"He has got rid of bitch then"i say to luke

Ash always wanted me to like luke not michael luke was the sweetheart in the band oh wait did I forget to bring that up they are in the band 5 seconds of summer.Well anyway mikey was the player i knew that he had been cheating on me but i just took no is the mix between mikey and luke he is a sweetheart but can also be a bit rough but only in bed 😂😂anyway i liked luke before well since always we have been best friends but i have always wanted to be more.

Ash says luke likes me but im not sure.

*end of flashback*

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