Forever? Forever.

It is a smut so yeah
What happens when the girl of Luke's dream and his girlfriend is four months pregnant with his best friend


15. chapter 12

I wake up with arms around me i look up to see luke

"Luke"i say"i missed you""I missed you too baby but sleep now" he says into my neck"I don't feel well"i mumble and run off to the bathroom

*lukes pov*

I follow her there she is being in sick in the toilet

"Baby are you ok"i ask concerned"i guess its funny ya no i allways just thought i was hung over or had a bug when i was sick but i guess not"she says shaking.she is still being sick.

"Baby your gonna be alright i promise"i smile and kiss her lips when she has done being sick. She pulls away."ewww gross luke i have sick breath"she says"i dont care if your sick i will still kiss you"i state.i move her hair and put it behind her ear and cup her cheek pressing her lips to mine.

"I fucking love you"she says through the kiss

"I fucking love you too"i say

"I need bacon"she whines is so cute when she talks like that

"Ok the guys are downstairs and i think we should tell them"i say

"Its just calum that doesn't know we should text mikey and ash and tell them to act surprised"she says

"You text mikey i will text ash"i say

"Ok who texts the fastest wins"she shouted i nod

"3 2 1 go"i shout

"Done"she shouts

*texts to ash*

To ash"we are gonna tell calum about the kid act surprised"i text

From ash"okay"

We raced downstairs

"I have some newsss"y/n said

God i love this girl

"Im 4 months pregnant"she say

Ash and mikey pretend to be shocked while calum just looks sad he does really love her

Calum storms out of the room at shut the front door

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