Beauty and the Beast

when Luna goes to her first day of school this year, she discovers that the most popular, most riches and the most spoiled boy gang has changed to her session for the rest of their school year. these boys are not only rich but they are the biggest bullies i the whole school. Luna doesn't pay any attention to them, until the leader of that gang, who is the heir of one of the largest industries ever known, falls in love with her. due to this, the boy does a lot of pranks and tricks on her. Luna gets really annoyed and despite the fact that the boy often bully others. it is up to him to change himself and prove her how much he loves her before its too late...


1. how all the trouble began...

 “Hey Luna. What’s up?” my best friend Fiona asked as she came up to me. I gave her a dull face. “I’m feeling pretty sick of this boring school atmosphere. I mean, last year, before school was about to end, it was super fun with all the kids having huge water balloon fights, flying paper planes all over and stuff. But as it was about to end, there came this wave of boredom and made it really dull. I guess we are still stuck that way.” I told her. “Wow. You must be really bored to say all that when I only asked ‘what’s up?’” Fiona replied. I smiled at her in reply. “Well, I don’t think this year is going to be as boring as last time.” “What makes you say that?” I asked. “Heard about the famous Morte group?” she asked. “duh! Everybody know them! Even students from other schools! You said popular for a reason!” I replied. “I heard that they have moved to our session this year!” she said. “you got to be kidding me!” I replied sarcastically. “ask anyone!” she replies. “well, its worth it at least. I’d rather have them around than be bored to death for the rest of this year!” I told her.

Well, to be honest, the Morte group is bad news. They are the richest, most popular and the most spoiled gang of high school students ever known to history. They bully whoever they want, buy and waste whatever they want and do whatever they want! Plus, the leader of that group is the heir to the Morte industries, the biggest industry present, yet even this school ‘Morte high school’ was built by that industry. He is the biggest bully too. Biggest in everything! The rest of the group members are also heirs (and some are ‘going to be’ presidents) of several large industries. No wonder they are spoiled.

“there is one thing I still don’t understand about them.” I told Fiona. “whats that?” she asked. “since they are so spoiled mean, rude and selfish, how come all the girls except you and I, go totally crazy over them?” I asked. “hey! You might want to keep it down when you say that! Don’t want to get in trouble!” Fiona said. “oh, I don’t care about this stupid club they have made! I am not afraid of them!! I told her.

Just then, a couple of girls nearby screamed in excitement and ran towards the school entrance, followed by another group of girls screaming excitedly. Then all of the students rushed towards the school entrance talking excitedly and screaming. “what’s going on?” I asked her confused. “it’s the ‘MG’ (Morte gang) making an entrance.” Fiona replied. “to be honest, I never saw them in my life.” I told her. Her eyes grew wide. “never?? Oh my god. You are so not updated! Come on, you have to know how they look like so you will be aware.” She said. “nah. I’d rather stay.” I replied, digging into my locker.

I heard the girls scream and cheer and call out their names or something as they walked in. big deal. They may be rich. But they are no different from us!

After getting my stuff, I shut the locker door and went to class with Fiona.


During lunch break, I walked down the hallway, towards the library. I wasn’t planning to do anything before, but to pass the time I decided to read a story book or something. On the way, I stopped by my locker and noticed many students looking more excited than before. What’s with them?

“Can you believe it?! It’s the MG! They are here! They are actually here!!” I heard one of the girls say. “And they are so hot!” the one next to her said. “Yeah! And they are like, the coolest gang ever! They are so awesome!” one of the boys said.

Seriously? Everyone are like worshiping them!! Sheesh! Are they really hot stuff? Who cares?!

After taking out all the stuff I need for my next class, I shut the locker door and began to walk. Then I noticed a vending machine near the school compound. “oh, that’s new!” I exclaimed and walked over to the machine. Slipping my coin in, I pressed a button and waited. Nothing happened. “Oh, come on! Not on the first day!!” I wailed. “Come on!! Give me my drink or my money! That’s not fair!” I said and gave the machine a kick. There was a ‘click’ sound and the machine dropped a drink. Smiling to myself, I picked up the drink, said “thank you” and turned to leave. I stopped in my tracks when I saw a guy standing behind me, watching me the whole time. I felt a little embarrassed and blushed. He looked at me half surprised, half ‘I-don’t-care’ way. I noticed that he was kind of cute with straight kind of emo black hair and honey brown eyes and kept his shirt with a button undone. He was taller than me with a sexy body. Who is this guy?

“I was gonna take that.” He finally said. His voice was clear and… guy-ish. Realizing that I was staring at him for too long, I handed over the drink to him. “Here Take it. Its fine.” I told him. He seems to be confused towards my action and accepted the drink after hesitating for a second. Simply giving him a smile, I walked away, wondering who he was. While I was walking, I turned around to check what he was doing, and blushed even more when I realized that he was watching me.

I quickly turned my head and walked away. Usually I don’t really mind people looking at me, but this guy is different. I don’t know why but he seems different.

Snapping out of my thoughts, I continued to walk, not knowing that all the trouble this year is right ahead of me.

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