Beauty and the Beast

when Luna goes to her first day of school this year, she discovers that the most popular, most riches and the most spoiled boy gang has changed to her session for the rest of their school year. these boys are not only rich but they are the biggest bullies i the whole school. Luna doesn't pay any attention to them, until the leader of that gang, who is the heir of one of the largest industries ever known, falls in love with her. due to this, the boy does a lot of pranks and tricks on her. Luna gets really annoyed and despite the fact that the boy often bully others. it is up to him to change himself and prove her how much he loves her before its too late...


3. got to know!

After school, I walked down the hallway, deciding to head home. I stopped in my tracks when I heard mocking laughter. I turned around. Where did that come from? I turned to a corridor, and saw a group of students crowded together. It seems like they are watching something. I walked towards the commotion, wondering what was going on. To my surprise, there stood Tylor with a small, richly dressed group in the center. I was about to ask him what was going on, when he took a bottle of juice from a student’s bag and poured on to a guy who was standing near him. Everyone else laughed as he poured the whole bottle on the guy’s clothes. I watched him empty the bottled with a shocked expression. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS HE DOING?? “Tylor?” I called out, half shocked, half full of anger. He was startled and turned towards me. And he was more surprised when he realized it was me.

“What do you think you are doing??” I demanded. The rest of the group looked at me with shocked faces. Even the whole crowd grew silent. I walked up to the student who was being bullied. “You have no right to do that to him! I was actually beginning to think of you as a friend but now, you actually lost it!” I said. Tylor looked at the rest of his gang, then back at me. He was speechless with a half surprised half worried expression. What is with him? What’s with the rest of the crowd even?

“Hey, girly. Shut up and step aside. This is our business, not yours. Do you have any idea who you are yelling at?” One of the guys next to him said. “That’s Tylor! The MG leader!’ one of the students in the crowd said “look here! I don’t care who you are, but you have no right to do that to him! He is also a student no different than you! Why don’t you take your dirty attitude and go somewhere else? Perhaps people who are exactly like you?!” I exclaimed, glaring at Tylor, who looked a bit rather sad than the rest of his group. Glaring at all of them, I led the guy who got bullied away from the crowd, towards the stairs where there were no one nearby.

“Are you okay?” I asked him. “Yes… thank you.” He replied. I noticed he was thin, fair with short black hair and brown eyes. He wore specs that looked nice on him. He looked rather weak for his age with skinny arms and legs.

Taking off the scarf around my neck, I handed it over to him. “Here. This will cover the stain a bit. Don’t worry. It will wash off.” I told him. “t-thank you. That was a very brave thing to do.” He said. “Huh?” I asked. “No one ever stood up against the MG. they bully many of the students and literally runs this school. They even have special rooms for themselves.” He said. So that’s where Tylor took me during lunch break! That rotten bastard!!

“I’m Dave.” He said. “Oh, I’m Luna! Nice to meet you!” I replied smiling. He blushed a bit. “Now go home quickly before the juice leaves a permanent stain!” I told him. Giving me a smile, he went away.

That Tylor! He actually tricked me to think of him as a friend! How cruel can he be?! Shame on him for what he did! I can’t believe that I even fell for it! I am so not gonna meet him in the library again!

Well, I didn’t have to go to him from then onwards. Because he was the one who kept coming to me…



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