Beauty and the Beast

when Luna goes to her first day of school this year, she discovers that the most popular, most riches and the most spoiled boy gang has changed to her session for the rest of their school year. these boys are not only rich but they are the biggest bullies i the whole school. Luna doesn't pay any attention to them, until the leader of that gang, who is the heir of one of the largest industries ever known, falls in love with her. due to this, the boy does a lot of pranks and tricks on her. Luna gets really annoyed and despite the fact that the boy often bully others. it is up to him to change himself and prove her how much he loves her before its too late...


2. Getting to know

Slowly and quietly, I flipped the page of the book I was reading. It was a story about an angel falling in love with a demon. My nose was deep in the book until I saw someone oddly standing in front of me. Wondering who it is, I lowered my book and gazed around. To my surprise, the same guy I saw near the vending machine was standing at a nearby book shelf. When I looked at him, he pretended to be interested in a random book he just picked up blindly from the shelf. I couldn’t help it but smile and hold my laugh. He looked funny! I just let him be and went back to my book.

After I finished reading a page, I heard someone clear his throat in front of me. I lowered my book, again. It was him. He was holding some book about stars. “I am going to sit here.” He said in a straight tone as if he was commanding or something. “Uh… okay.” I replied a bit surprised at how he said that. He quietly sat down in front of me as I went back to my book.

“Are you a new student?” he asked. “No. why you ask?” I replied. “Uh… no reason. I’m Tylor” he said. “Oh, I’m Luna. Nice to meet you.” I replied. After that we both were silent.

I wonder why he followed me here. I wondered observing him from the corner of my eyes. He looks cute. And his clothing looked expensive! Some kind of V-neck shirt with a handsome black leather jacket over it covered by a black and white silk scarf.

“Do you usually read books during your free time?” he finally broke the ice. “Well, yeah. It kind of passes time.” I replied. “You did a nice job with the vending machine. Do you often do that to all the vending machines you pass by?” he asked. That made me go red. “Oh, um… no. but… it ate my money… and it’s not fair because I didn’t get either a drink or my money back so… I… kicked it?!” I replied. He smiled for the first time since we met. His smile was kind of cute.

“You are really different from the rest of the people I meet.” He said. “Why? Do I look different? Or talk different?” I asked. “Well… just different.” He simply replied. Just then, his phone began to ring.

“Yeah?” he answered. His eyes dashed on to me all of a sudden. “Yeah sure. I’m there.” He says and hangs up his phone really quickly. “I have to go somewhere.” He said. “Yeah, sure.” I replied. “So, we shall meet again? Perhaps here during lunch break?” he asked. “Sure!” I replied with a smile. After gazing at me for an awkward moment, he walked away. He seems like a nice guy. Not bad! I didn’t pay that much attention to him and went back to my book again.



The next day, during lunch break, I walked into the library, looking for Tylor. Well, I wouldn’t want to disappoint someone, would I? I slowly walked down the aisle, half checking out the books, half looking for Tylor. I was going through a book when someone tapped on my shoulders. I turned around to see Tylor. “Hey!” I said. He gave me a smile. I noticed that he was wearing a grey turtle neck with a fluffy fur like red scarf around his neck. His hair was the same; slightly spikey and straight, emo like a bit, but not extreme emo. “Follow me. I got something fun for both of us to do this time.” He said and began walking. I followed. “What kind of fun ‘thing’?” I asked. He didn’t respond and kept walking on. At the back of the library, there was a huge door. He simply walked up to the door and opened it.

“Hey! What are you doing? That could be an office or some kind of study room for the heads of the school where students are not allowed! Nobody has ever gone in there!!” I told him stopping a few feet away from the door. He smiled. “Trust me. Only specific students are allowed in here and you are one of them! It’s okay! Come on in.” he said as if it was his home or something. Hesitating for a moment, I walked in with him. I have never rebelled like this before but something told me that he is telling the truth.

I gasped when I entered the room. It was brilliant! The roof was really high with huge book shelves filled with millions of books covering the wall which was painted brilliantly as if it was a royal room. There were large four desks placed in a circle in the center of the room. Each has a master chair with a computer, lamp and a bunch of books and papers. A telescope was placed near a window which reached up to the roof. The curtains were in golden cream color. I felt like I was in a royal palace or something!

“Oh my god! Where are we? Is this some kind of special meeting room? It’s so big and fancy! Are we really allowed?” I asked him, gazing around with a surprised face. “Of course we are allowed! This is just a study room.” He replied. “A study room? But it’s so grand and high class! Who’s study room is this?” I asked him. That kind of startled him. “Oh… uhh… this is… the study room of some of the heads of… the school.” He replied. “And you are saying that we are allowed?!! We have to get out!” I exclaimed and began to walk out. But Tylor held on to my hand. “No, wait!” he said. I was startled a bit as he held on to me. He realized that and quickly let go of my hand. I think he even blushed a bit!

“Uh, they gave me… permission to enter here! So… it is okay… so please wait for me…” he said stammering. I looked at him. He looked kind of sad that I was leaving. He must feel really lonely.

“Okay. I… won’t go. I trust you okay?” I told him. He smiled at me in relief. Then, he led me to a fancy looking table made out of blonde wood. There were two chairs with red cushions near the table. He made me sit down and went up to a bookshelf. Then he picked up a chess board. “Really? We are gonna play chess?” I asked him sarcastically. “Why? You don’t like chess?” he asked walking over. “It’s really boring!” I told him. “But I thought since you like reading, you’d also love this kind of nerdy stuff.” He said. Boy, he is being a bit too honest!

“Just because a person likes reading, doesn’t mean that the person is a nerd!” I told him. He looked at me as if he just learned about something he doesn’t know. “Well, I have something fun to do. Sit down.” I told him. So he did. I took out a bunch of colored papers and handed over to him. “What am I supposed to do with these?” he asked. “We are going to make some origami.” I told him. “You mean the cut and folding stuff kids do? You think that’s fun?” he asked in a mocking way. “It’s not only a child’s play! There are different things you can do with it!” I told him. “Impress me!” he demanded, crossing his arms and leaning back. I gave him an evil grin and took out a small bag filled with tiny folded up color papers. “Just watch how I do it!” I told him and began working. In two minutes, I completed my work. I made a 3D peacock with its tail flowing upwards and downwards. Tylor looked at me with wide eyes. “WOW. I am… a bit confused! How did you do that?? I thought all you can make is some paper planes, penguins or a boat!” he said. I couldn’t help but laugh. He said it too seriously that made me laugh.

“There are countless things you can make using origami, silly! Just like there are countless ways you can paint a picture!” I told him, chuckling. “Really? Teach me!” he demanded. Seriously, why does he always command me to do stuff every time? Can’t he just simply ask politely?

“Okay, we will start with the basic skills. Lets make… a penguin!” I told him, picking up a black paper. Then, I began to fold it slowly, showing him how to do it. He obediently watched me do it… or watched my face? I raised my eyes and looked at him. He was watching me.

“What?” I asked. “Oh, uhh… nothing! Keep going.” He replied, lowering his eyes to the folded piece of paper. “Okay...” I said and continued to make it. “Where do you live?” I asked him to break the awkwardness. “Oh, uhh… not far from here… I guess.” He replied. “What do you do during spare times?” I asked him. “I don’t usually get spare time?” he replied.

“Really? Why?” I asked

“Oh… I get a bit too busy… with family matters.” He replied

“Sounds like you have a big family.”                                                                                  

   “Yeah… so, do you do this often?”

“Sometimes. I like crafting with recycled stuff.”

“Nice. This is my first time doing this kind of stuff.” He said. When I finished the penguin, I gave him a piece of paper and told him to make one himself. He picked it up and began folding wildly.

“Are we allowed to read the books here?” I asked him, looking at the huge shelves. “Uhh… yeah. Sure. Go ahead if you want to.” He replied. Delighted, I got up and walked towards the huge shelf near a window. “How come there are so many books about plants and wild life on this shelf?” I asked him. “I… don’t know.” He replied. I picked up a book about cats and skimmed through it. There were some cute pictures of kittens on it. “This one is nice.” I said. Then I slipped the book back in and turned to leave, and crashed into Tylor. “Oh! Sorry! I didn’t know you were here!!!” I told him, turning red. He quickly let go of me. “It’s… its okay.” He replied, clearing his throat. I think his ears turned red a bit.

“I guess I should leave now. Class is about to start.” I told him, picking up my bag. “Oh. Okay then.” He replied. I handed over the origami peacock to him. “Here. This is for you.” I told him. Hesitating, he picked it up slowly and smiled. “See you later!” I said after expecting him to say thank you, and left the room.

Just as I came out of the large study, there were two girls standing nearby, skimming through a shelf. When they saw me. Their eyes grew wide with surprise and stared at me. What did I do? What’s wrong? I wondered. But they just kept staring at me as I walked away. Do I look weird or something?? What is their problem?

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