Beauty and the Beast

when Luna goes to her first day of school this year, she discovers that the most popular, most riches and the most spoiled boy gang has changed to her session for the rest of their school year. these boys are not only rich but they are the biggest bullies i the whole school. Luna doesn't pay any attention to them, until the leader of that gang, who is the heir of one of the largest industries ever known, falls in love with her. due to this, the boy does a lot of pranks and tricks on her. Luna gets really annoyed and despite the fact that the boy often bully others. it is up to him to change himself and prove her how much he loves her before its too late...


7. First time hung out together.

In a few days, our school anniversary will come. Because of that, everyone was rushing everywhere, preparing for the big dance held in the school hall. Fiona and I decided to go there together and have a girl’s night. We planned to dance together, have some snacks from there and go watch a movie. After that, perhaps go shopping at the mall.

I was sitting in my room, on my bed with my headphones on, jamming music into my ears.

Since it was a Saturday, I was writing a story. I love writing stories and plan to be an Author in the future.

It was a sunny morning. The sky was bright and the air smelled fresh and felt cool. Sunlight streamed into my room through the cream colored curtain, making the room glow and emits a comfy cream color. I was in my shorts and white top as usual. My room was all tidy and clean, as I just cleaned it up an hour ago. I was deeply listening to the music, soaking in all the inspiration and writing it as a story, when somebody knocked on the door. Pausing the music, I dropped my pen, went up to the door.

“Honey! There is someone here to see you! Why don’t you come out?” my mother said as soon as i opened the door. She seems to be in a very good mood. I wonder who it is. Maybe it’s Fiona! But she never told me that she was coming. Wondering who came to see me, I walked out of my room and stepped into the small living room. There, sitting on the sofa was a guy. He wore a black shiny leather jacket with a v-neck stripped shirt underneath. He was observing the crystal like wind chime I made with my hand. As he heard me coming, he turned around. That’s when I gasped. “Tyler?!!” I cried out. “What are you doing here??!” I asked wide eyed. “Honey! He is the heir of Morte industry! Talk to him politely, will you?” my mother whispered to me, gritting her teeth. So that’s why she was in a great mood. Because Tyler is here!!

You see, my mom and dad are a bit… different. They are workaholics and they love money. It’s not like that they are greedy. Their main goal is to work hard and become famous and rich. My mom works at the daycare center while my dad runs a small noodle shop nearby. When they come home after work, they argue about work a bit and then do house work. And if they meet anyone rich and famous, well, they go crazy.

“Mr. Mason, excuse me for my daughters miss behavior, she didn’t mean it-“my mother began to say. “No, it’s alright. We know each other.” He said. “Oh! That’s wonderful! What can we do for you, Mr. Mason?” my mother asked politely, smiling. “Oh, I am just here to see Luna, and perhaps spend some time with her.” He replied, grinning at me. I looked at him as if he was an alien. What is he talking about?!! Has he gone mad?

“Oh my! That is a wonderful idea!” my dad exclaimed. He looked at mom and gave her a wink. Uh-oh. That’s bad. If they wink at each other that indicate that they are planning something stupid. I looked at them in a horrified expression. Mom and dad can be a really big head ach when it comes to these kinds of situations. Tyler looked at them and grinned. “I was planning to go out for a walk with her, perhaps to the mall, or the park?” Tylor asked them nicely, and looked at me. “Oh brilliant! Just wonderful!” my mother exclaimed. “Honey, why don’t you quickly go and get your coat and get ready? I am sure you are eager to go out!” my father said pushing me towards my room. “But, but dad!” I tried to protest. “No arguing, Luna! If we get closer to him, he might even give an upgrade on my noodle shop! Make sure you talk to him nicely, and don’t disappoint him, got it? Now hurry!” he whispered to me. Before I could start arguing, he shut my room door after pushing me inside.

Oh, god! Mom and dad are so irritating sometimes and yet I love them a lot. Oh, that Tyler sure knows how to annoy me. And he is enjoying this! How did he find out where I live? Why is h even here? I thought as I pulled on a green and white stripped t-shirt and a Minnie blue short with a black beaded necklace. Then I slipped on a pair of cowgirl like boots that matches the outfit and pushed a pair of ray ban spectacles up my nose. I don’t wear specs. But I found this sunglass that looks like specs at a shop. After attaching a cute clip to my hair, I stepped out of my room unwillingly. Everyone turned to me. Tyler had a bit surprised expression on his face. “Ah! You are all ready!” mom exclaimed. Tyler stood up, after staying frozen looking at me, and smiled at my parents. “I guess we will be off then. Thank you for the warm welcome, Mr. and Mrs. Scarlet.” Tyler said kindly. I saw my mom blush a bit. “Oh, it’s nothing! Have fun with her! And do visit us often!” she said. “I will try my best to visit in the future.” Tyler replied. Gosh. He is being so kind that I even doubt myself whether I know him or not. He is just trying o butter them up!

With that, Tyler dragged me out of the house, into the streets.

“Do I even know you?” I asked him, as we began walking, side by side.

“Why you ask that?” he asked.

“You were so kind to my parents that I felt like gagging! You’re really a bad boy aren’t you?”

“Ha! Your parents are the weird ones! How could they actually let you go off with someone they don’t know? What if I kidnap you?” Tyler asked chuckling. I stared at him. That’s a good point. I took a step away from him. He noticed. “It’s not like I will do that to you! It’s just an example!!” he protested. I just kept silent. “Seriously this girl!” he mumbled, making a face at me. In reply, I stuck my tongue at him.

“Seriously tell me, what are you doing here?” I asked him. “Uh… I was just… bored and thought… maybe you were bored too… and…uh… decided to go for a walk with you! You know, to get some fresh air.” He replied after hesitating a bit. “Are you going to buy me food?” I asked him excitedly. “What are you talking about? If you want food, just buy it yourself!” he said. I looked at him with shock. “Rich people are so petty! Won’t even spare a few coins for others!” I complained grouchily. From the corner of my eyes, I saw him smile.

After arguing, teasing each other like that, we reached the mall. First we both stopped at the arcade. Tyler paid for a shooting game for both of us. We picked up the guns, pointed at the screen and waited for it to start. We both were on the same team and our task was to eliminate the opponents. While shooting, Tyler hit me with a bullet. “Hey! You are supposed to kill the bad ones! Not me! How dare you shoot at me?” I exclaimed and shot at him. “Hey!!! That was an accident! How dare YOU shoot at ME!” he exclaimed. Then we both began shooting at each other instead of shooting at the bad guys, and lost the game.

“How could you shoot at a girl?! You should be ashamed!” I told him, putting back the gun. “You were the one who shot at me first! I didn’t shoot you on purpose!” he exclaimed. “Look who is trying to be fair!” I said chuckling.    

  After that, we played several other games. First, I played a racing game. “How do you drive a car?” I asked Tyler, holding on to the steering wheel. “You just drive at full speed and steer!” he replied trying to sound like an expert. “You sound like a street racer!” I exclaimed as the game started. First, I started out by bumping into several walls. After that, it was pretty good. But then all of a sudden, a wall came up in front of the car. Tyler grabbed my hand and turned the wheel sharply, missing the wall by an inch. “Whoa! That was close!” I exclaimed giving him a smile. “Finally I am able to see you smile!” he mumbled. I was surprised and looked at him. “What are you talking about?!” I said, pretending not to know. That’s when my crashed to a wall and went game over. “Ah. Now look what you have done!” I said, trying to sound sad. “What I have done?! You got to be kidding me!” he exclaimed as I got off of the ride. “If you hadn’t lost my concentration, I’d won that game!” I said. “Still, I did look pretty good on it, right? It’s like I went WHOSH!” I said, waving my arm swiftly horizontally. Tyler scoffed; “you barely rode like a newbie!” I gave him a glare in reply. After another several games, we stopped at a toy machine with the claw and stuffed toys and everything in it. “Wow! Those two pandas look so cute!” I said, pointing to two stuffed, small and cute looking panda bears in the glass box. One had a pink bowtie on the head and the other had a black bowtie with white polka dots on its chest. They both were tied together. “Then why aren’t you picking them?” Tyler asked. “Oh, I don’t have enough money.” I replied, without taking my eyes off of them. “Come on. Let’s go” I said after getting up. “wait.” Tyler said. I turned around. After digging his pocket for a second, he pulled out some money and slipped them into the machine. Then he began to work the claw. Wow. Is he really doing it for me? Has he really changed? I thought while staring at him, struggling with the claw.

“Come on! Get it!” I supported him, after kneeling down near the machine. He looked at me with surprise. “Oh don’t look at me, you idiot! Concentrate!” I exclaimed. Startled a bit, he turned to the claw and worked hard. He aimed, and strike. “YAAY! You got it! You got it!” I cheered as the claw grabbed the pair of panda bears.

 After it dropped them into a slot, he picked it up. There was a small note attached to the rope connecting both of the toys. “Like these two, you two will be bonded together with love.” I read the note out loud, and went crimson. Tyler cleared his throat. It was awkward for a moment as we didn’t expect something like that would be written on it. I thought it was the price tag or something!

Tyler removed the string and handed me the bear with the pink bowtie. “Here. I got this not only because I want it.” He said calmly. I was touched by his actions as it was sweet. “t-thank you. That’s really nice of you.” I thanked him, hugging the bear from its back. For a moment, he looked at me with his honey eyes. A sweet smile slowly spread on his face, making him look nicer and cuter. Has he really changed? He never had been even a bit nice before. When we realized that we were staring at each other, we blinked. Tyler’s ears went pink as he cleared his throat. “b-but you have to pay me for that in the future!” he said abruptly and began walking away. I scoffed. “Seriously? How petty can you rich people be?!” I called out after him. “Hey!! Let’s go together at least, huh?!” I called and jogged up to him.

Moments later, my stomach began rumbling. I tried hard to control it but I couldn’t help it. Tyler looked at me. “What are you looking at? I thought you brought me here to give me food or something! Now my tummy is mad about it and you didn’t buy me even a bag of chips or an ice cream!” I told him. He sighed. “Fine! I’ll go get something for your tummy!” he said after handing me his bear. I gave him a cheerful smile in reply as he walked off.

I sat down at a nearby bench and waited for Tyler to return. I was starting to have second thoughts about him. Maybe he is not all bad. Maybe I am judging him too much by what others told me. There is some kindness in his heart I think. But why does he stare at me most of the time in a dreamy way? At that moment, he seems to be in his own world, somewhere lost. And he looks cute when he smiles. Wait, why am I thinking of him so often now? Have I started to like him even a bit?! No. wait. This cannot be happening. Control yourself, Luna.

Shaking off the weird thoughts, I looked around for Tyler. There was still no sign of him. There were not much people around the area where I was. But there were a lot of people in grocery stress and cloth shops as its Saturday. The whole place was lit by sunlight streaming down from the transparent roof, saving a lot of energy. People’s reflection passed by as they walked on the shiny waxed floor.

Still waiting for Tyler, I glanced at the panda bears in my hands. They both looked so cute together and they felt so soft. “Hey. I am Tyler! The biggest boss of everything!” I made a funny Tyler voice and shook the guy panda as if it was talking. “Yes! You are even the biggest jerk of everything!” I said in my voice, shaking the girl panda. “I am buying you food and even playing games with you! And yet you call me a jerk? You poker face!!” said the guy panda. “Is that why you stare at me so much, you pooper!!!” said the girl panda. That is a funny question!

Laughing at my own funny jokes, I raised my head when I noticed that someone was coming towards my direction. It was a weird looking guy. He has used eyeliner heavily on his eyes and his black hair reached up to his shoulder. Also his ears were pierced. But the worst part is, he had an evil grin on his face with his beady eyes locked on me and had two ‘pals’ walking right beside him. Lowering the pandas, I pretended not to notice them and looked for Tyler.

I was startled when that guy whistled at me. “What’s a cute little girl like you doing here all alone, eh?” he said walking over and sitting down next to me. What does this guy want? I wondered. “Aw, look at that! She is holding two panda bears just like her!” he said, trying to be cunning. His friends chuckled. I didn’t say anything and kept silent, praying for Tyler to return soon. “Why don’t you give me one eh? We both can share!” he said, reaching for the pandas. “I am sorry but I cannot do that.” I said, squeezing them close to my chest and got up to go. “Hey, hey! Where are you off to so soon? I haven’t finished talking to you!” he said all of a sudden and grabbed my hand by the wrist. “Hey! Let me go! What do you think you are doing?!” I cried out, trying to get his strong grip loosen. “I said I haven’t finished talking with you!” he said cunningly, eyeing me hungrily. My heart started to beat faster and faster, making my palms go cold with fear. “What are you talking about?! Just let me go, will you?!” I told him, trying hard to loosen his claws. “How could a pretty babe like you avoid someone awesome like me? Come on! We can have some fun together!” he said chuckling and bringing me closer to him. “Let me go!! Stop touching me!” I cried out. Where is Tyler?! Anyone!! Just help me!! But there was no one nearby to notice all this commotion. I was freaked out to death at that moment, going mad of wondering how to escape.

“You might want to let her go before you get in deep trouble.” Someone said behind us. I never felt so glad to see Tyler in my entire life except at that moment. The guy turned around. “Ah! Tyler! It has been a long time!” he exclaimed and let go of my hand as he realized that it was him. Then he turned to me. “Is this your girl?” he asked. “What if she is?” Tyler asked as soon as he finished his sentence. I was surprised that Tyler spoke so coldly and strictly to him. It’s like I am witnessing a new side of him.

“But you know you have very high standards, do you?” the guy asked, turning to Tyler. “I don’t care about my standards. Since you care about standards so much, why are you messing with her? Don’t you have high standards as well? Or have I misunderstood?” Tyler asked, raising one eyebrow. His words were sharp and dangerous, as if he was threatening them.

The guy seems to be lost with words. “Of course I do. I guess it’s a mistake to mess with a commoner like her.” He finally said after hesitating. How dare he call me a commoner!!! “Of course it is.” Tyler replied. After giving Tyler a bitter look, and checking me out, he and his fellow pals walked away.

Once they were gone, Tyler cleared his throat. “Are you okay?” he asked. “Yeah. I am okay.” I replied, rubbing my wrist. “Does it hurt?” he asked. I shook my head no. “Ah, stop lying! You think you can fool me?” he said, making me sit down on the bench. He crouched down in front of me and examined my wrist. “It looks a bit red. See! Liar!” he said. My cheeks went red. “w-who’s the liar?” I stammered. Tyler sat down on the bench and handed me a paper bag full of snacks. “Here, have something. Then the pain will go away.” He said. I took the bag and peeked inside. “Wow. You bought a lot, didn’t you?” I asked. “What are you talking about?! Half of that is for me too!” he exclaimed and took out a small bag of finger chips. “Who said I bought it all for you?” he mumbled as he munched on the chips. For some reason, that made me smile. Perhaps it’s because he is funny… I guess.

“Do you know those creepy guys?” I asked moments later, munching on some finger chips. “They were some of my old friends long ago. Now we don’t hang out much.” He replied. “Ah. No wonder! There are just like you.” I replied abruptly. Tyler almost choked on the smoothie he was drinking. “EH?? Just like me?!” he exclaimed angrily. “Do I do those kinds of things to you or any other girl?! Look! I even bought you all of these snacks!!!” he bellowed. “Ah, seriously keep your voice down; you’re trying to wake up the people in Antarctica or something? Fine! They are totally different from you!! Happy? They are cruel, nasty and mean while you are nice, funny and cute!” I blurted out. Tyler looked at me in surprise, making me realize what I just said. I felt myself going redder each second. Oh god! What have I just said! That was so embarrassing!!

“Can you… repeat the last part you said again?” Tyler whispered to me, bringing his face closer to my ears. He was grinning like mad. I jolted up from the bench. “That was a mistake! I was meaning to say you are stupid, idiotic and a big poop head!” I exclaimed and stated to walk away fast with embarrassment. I heard Tyler laugh. “Hey! At least finish your snacks! And give me back my panda!!” he called after me. Oh, seriously that was so embarrassing! Why did I say that? I wasn’t even thinking of him like that, was I? Oh, how stupid of me!  

After another round of games, we both sat down in a built in park in the huge mall. The grass felt soft as my palms touched them. The air around that area smelled like grass too. There were several trees and flower bushes around, making the place look attractive.

“How come you didn’t bring your fellow friends with you?” I asked Tyler who was sitting on the grass next to me. “They are busy with their own works today.” He replied, pulling blades of grass off of the ground. “Hey! Stop that! You are hurting the little plants!” I told him. He looked at me and chucked. “It’s just a plant. They don’t have feelings!” he said. I gave him a glare and pulled his hand away from the grass. “All living things have feelings. Plants are also living, breathing beings. They are not the objects we handle every day. They need care and protection, just like us.” I explained to him, brushing my palm on the grass gently. “Look who is trying to be an expert in plants! You stupid!” he teased me. “What?! You call me stupid! Take that back!” I exclaimed. Tyler shook his head. “Make me.” he said. Giving him a glare, I picked a tulip from a nearby tulip patch growing on the ground and stood up. “Fine! I am going to make you!” I exclaimed. Tyler just sat there and chuckled in reply. Holding the tulip, I walked up to a lady about the age of 45, put on an innocent face and handed her the flower. “I am very sorry ma’am, but my big brother made me do this…” I began to say, pointing at Tyler, who was confused. “He said to give you this flower and to tell you that you look sexy and to call him.” I told her in an innocent voice. The lady, who was chubby and fair, looked at me and then looked at Tyler. “Such an ill mannered young man! Don’t worry dearie, I’ll go a knock some sense into him. Follow me.” the lady said kindly. Grinning evilly, I followed her.

“How could you make your little sister do such a horrible thing, young man? You should be ashamed of yourself! You realize that you are trying to spoil her?!” the lady scolded at him. I just kept giggling silently behind the lady. Poor Tyler, he had no idea what was going on. “I didn’t do anything, ma’am! I swear! She was the one who did it!” he protested. “Oh! Now you are blaming her?! You seriously have some guts young man! I’d go and report to the police right now if I was hot tempered!! Leave your sister alone and find something better to do with your life!” she scolded and threw the flower at his face.

Then, the lady turned to me. “Stay away from him, dear. Don’t listen to his spoiled ideas. Why don’t you go home, hmm?” she said, patting on my head. I gave her my most innocent and cutest smile. “Yes ma’am. Thank you so much!” I told her politely. After giving me a sweet smile, she walked off.

“What the hell was that for!??!!!” Tyler cried out in anger as I sat down next to him. “Told you you’ll regret calling me stupid! Too bad I feel a bit guilty for lying to such a kind lady.” I told him, grinning. “HEY! How could you ruin my reputation like that?! Were you out of your mind?!” he asked angrily. I gave him a disgusted look. “Seems like you still haven’t taken back what you said!” I exclaimed. Then, I scanned around the area. So did Tyler. That’s when we spotted a fat girl about our age. She had heavy makeup on her face and there was a big black mole right above her lips. Her black hair was dyed red and was stacked up to a bun with a fancy flower attached. Then I glance at Tyler, who looked at me in a horrified way. “She looks like a good target for a second round! Maybe she will go along with you instead of scolding you!” I exclaimed. Then, giving Tyler a mysterious wink, I took off after picking another flower.

“NO WAIT!! I TAKE BACK WHAT I SAID! DON’T DO IT!!” I heard him cry out in a desperate voice.

Before I could reach the fat girl, I felt Tyler grab me by the wrist and pull me back, causing me to lose my balance. Before I hit the ground, I managed to get a hold on his shoulders, and he managed to hold on to me by the waist, stopping me from the fall. it felt like as if everything happened so fast that I didn’t know what was going on. His ears went pink as he stared at me in shock. I felt myself go brighter than crimson red. We both didn’t know how to move for a moment and stood frozen there, staring at each other, dazed. Then, we saw people passing by whispering and pointing at us as they passed by. One of them even said “oh, look! He must have proposed to her! She even has a flower in her hand! How cute!” I quickly dropped the flower and let go of Tyler, who let go of me too. I cleared my throat, trying to clear away the redness on my cheeks. Tyler’s ears and nose were crimson by then!

“y-you left m-my bag back there.” I stammered without even looking at him. “Uh…I’ll…go and get it” he replied awkwardly and rushed off to get my bag with the panda bears in it.

After all of that, we went back to my house. We both didn’t talk much on the way because of the ‘unexpected-but-always-occurring’ event. As we entered the house, my parents greeted us warmly. “Oh! It seems like you two had a wonderful time!” my father said as he saw the panda in my hands. “But how come you look so red, Luna?” mother asked me, observing my cheeks. Turning red even more, I covered my face with the panda. From the corner of my eyes, I saw Tyler smile.

“Why don’t you stay and have lunch with us before you go, Mr. Mason?” my father asked. “I would love to. But I have to go home and help my father with some company matters. I must learn how to deal with it before I take over the industry. And please, call me Tyler.” Tyler said politely. “Of course! How nice mannered of you!” my mother said smiling. “I guess I shall be off then, Mr. and Mrs. Scarlet. I had a great time with Luna and I look forward to come often!” Tyler said. “Oh! Of course! Please do come often! We would love that!” my mother happily said smiling like mad. “Have a nice day!” my father said as Tyler walked out of the house.

As soon as Tyler was gone, mom and dad made me sit with them on the couch. “How was it? Did you compliment him a lot? Did you talk to him nicely? Did you make him feel happier?” my mother and father poured on the questions. “It was fun okay. I talked to him normally, why should I talk to him the way you do?” I told them. “Ah! Seriously this girl! No wonder he didn’t offer us anything!” mom complained. “But don’t worry! We have a plan! We are going to hook you two up and then we will get fame and riches for an eternity! Yu must treat him nicer from now on, got it?!” mom exclaimed. “WHAT?!” I cried out. “Are you two insane?! Me with him?! You’ve got to be KIDDING me!!! We are just friends okay???!!” I cried out. “Ah seriously!! Are you trying to inform it to the neighbors or something?!!” dad said angrily. “Then how did you get that panda?! He even had one!” mom asked. “h-he got it for me.” I stammered. Mom and dad began laughing. “See! You two match very well! This is going to be easier than we thought! You two will be together in no time!!” mom said. I jolted up, squeezing the bear in my arms. “MOM!!” I wailed and ran into my room. “Don’t worry! We will plan a good way to get his attention!” I heard my mom call out behind me as I shut the door.

No wonder I felt that there was something fishy going on between mom and dad! They planned to hook up me and Tyler! That is so embarrassing! If he finds out, I would never have the guts to look at him! Oh god! This is mad!

After pacing around the room, I sat down on my bed and picked up the panda. Why did he come to my house in the first place? Doesn’t he have many other friends as he is really popular? Is it me, or has he changed like hell? He has stopped bullying even! Does he actually like me? Is he really trying to get my trust? I am seeing a new side of him now. A side I never knew he had! He seems like a brown lemon with the outside brown and hard and the inside nice and juicy! I thought, giggling. Maybe I could change him. That might bring solutions to many problems in school I bet. Not only that, it will make him nicer, and kinder than before! Maybe I should try it. Just maybe…

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