Homeless for now!!


1. Chapter 1

Same old, same old,same clothes,same smell, same spot.Every day was the same to me I say on the same corner on the same street everyday.it was very busy with shops on St Andrews RD.

Bearing in my I'm only 14 years old begging for money,struggling to live and gasping for a Education.

Everyday gets harder for me less money less hope of a tomorrow,I get ill'er and colder.

I always ask my self why am I hear why am I not at home in a bed,hot water and food on the table.

I ran away from home at 11 years old because my mum started taking drugs and I couldn't bare watch her drug her self to deaf, so I packed a bag wrote a note and left the note said (I always said I was going to leave now I'm not kidding I'm gone for good)

I had been gone 2 weeks and I was on the news,in the paper and on posters all over town.I felt like a criminal ,but I had done nothing wrong I was helping my self out.

I had to leave school and everything now I can't speak to my friends anymore.Then one day I was sitting on the corner I had just woke up and I saw my mum I shouted mum it's me your daughter,she looked at me rolled her eyes and kept walking as if I was trash.

Then the next day I saw Megan my BFF she was with Amy I hate her she's my enemy they both looked at me and laughed I started crying.

I couldn't sleep that night for crying I just kept thinking this is only the start there's more to come and in fact I was correct !!!!!!

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