I am Jack Knight, the last Scribe that will ever live and the one that will write the end of the universe for all beings. However the Angels and the Demons want to influence what I write so that they survive and win the ever going war between their races. Luckily, I have Anabel, a Demon and Ryan, an Angel to protect him. They struggle to push away their differences to work together as a team to help me so that I can write the apocalypse.


8. Trapped in a cage of bodies.

The city hall was without doubt the largest building in Everon. To be honest it looked like a castle. Tall parapets, large gates, guards, small arching windows..It was beautiful.
We walked up to the gate where we were greated by a guard in a red uniform, military like but even smarter if possible. He looked at us and just as I was about to tell him who we were the ordered for the gate to be opened and welcomed up in with a bow. We were greeted with the same reception with what I presumed to be the main door.
We entered and a wave of sandalwood swept over us, almost too overpowering. ‘Wow’ Anabel remarked. We looked forward to see a chair right at the other end of the building, nearly half a mile away. Did we really have to walk all that way? Yes.
The door shut behind us and I looked at Anabel and Ryan who looked completely lost.
‘Okay then..’ Ryan smirked. The hall was poorly lit now that the door was shut, blocking out any sunlight. We couldn’t see anything other than the end of the hall where the chair was, to be honest it looked more like a throne.
‘What do we do?’ I asked, staring at the chair.
‘Well, I don’t know about you guys’ Anabel started ‘But I really want to sit in that chair’ she joked. But Ryan replied ‘Yeah, me too’ he remarked, sounding dazed, pretending to be hypnotised by the chair. That was it.  ‘yeah, same’ I remarked. I knew where this was going.
Anabel looked at us and then sprinted off down to the other side of the hall. She was undoubtedly the fastest but Ryan wasn’t far behind. ‘Dont’ mess with me, Feathers’ Anabel snapped between breaths. I tagged behind the two being the legendary gym class failure that I am, by the time I had reached them at the chair Anabel was already gloading about her win and proceeded to walk up to the chair. It looked old and original, probably from a different time period. Centuries ago. It was wooded like the doors but was made from a wood I didn't recognise. Surprisingly, it was curved, the seat and back of the seat were curved so they wrapped around whoever was seated in it. I was surprised to see that it wasn’t elevated on any sort of stage or stang to make the seated seem even more important and respected.
‘Well well well’ Anabel said as she looked at Ryan as she walked around the chair tracing a finger around it’s frame. When she walked to the front of the chair she sat. She didn’t even seem out of breath from the run, unlike me and Ryan who were panting uncontrollably. Okay, Ryan was alright, I was the one feeling like I was going to pass out. Anabel collapsed into the chair and smugly smiled at the two of us, like she was going to do something evil, and indeed said pretended to be. She pointed at Ryan ‘You will be my slave, You will fly to wherever I command you to with your wings which shall be dyed pink. You will do whatever I say because I am a demon. I will also shave your head because that would look ridiculous’ Ryan looked hurt and fell to his knees and screamed ‘NO’ for a few seconds and the rose. ‘I challenge you Queen Anabel to a duel for the throne!’ He too had an evil look in his eyes. Anabel laughed at such a bold demand. ‘No’ she said simply and looked to me...Dam.. ‘As for you, Scribe. You shall write whatever I tell you to which may include me winning the lottery and several other selfish acts. If you fail to write such a happy ending for me, I shall carefully skin you so that you are still alive, then I shall hang you out and allow the birds to finish you off.’ she smiled and so did I, after pretending to be shared. ‘Or maybe I will finish you off myself. Who knows’ she mocked.
I bowed. ‘As you command, your royal bitchness’ she grinned and looked to Ryan. ‘This is how I should be treated.’ Ryan laughed.
The door opened at the other side of the room where we entered and in walked Sorn who immediately gestured for Anabel to get off the chair, still with a smile on his face, however his nerves were showing. Anabel shot off the chair and stood behind Ryan.  laughed, but this smile was short lived as in walked Sorn followed by a group of four men and three women, all wearing royal blue clothing. The women; wearing long skirts that touched the ground and an ill fitting blue vest top. Their hair was pushed back into a bun, leaving very few flyaways to dance as the women moved. The men wore blue trousers and an ill fitting blue shirt. It was like they were forbidden to show their sexuality. They all looked so shocked to see us in there, the women were immediately drawn to Ryan, a few saw me but most were drawn to the angel - obviously. The men saw Anabel and half of them looked in awe and the others looked horrified..did they knew she was a demon? and did they know Ryan was an angel? And what about me? did they know about me?
Ryan leaned into me and said ‘Jack, don’t worry’ My feelings were probably displayed undeniably on my face. I took a deep breath and shut my eyes, allowing myself time to calm down and release the weight of panic. When I opened my eyes, it was not just us three standing near the chair, everyone else who entered was positioned around us, including Sorn who was standing a little closer to us than everyone else, giving us condescending and extremely puzzling looks.
‘What the..’ I said as  I opened my eyes. Anabel looked at me.
‘Don’t ask me’ she mumbled spinning in her sport looking around at the human cage surrounding us...well, not exactly human.
‘You are the scribe?’ An extremely tall woman demanded as she glared at me, her face remained like stone. I tried my best to nod however fear consumed me so all I was able to produce was a slight movement of my head. The woman appeared to be insulted.
‘Are you sure?’ she mocked, however it was not a mockery to produce laughter, but my embarrassment, and indeed it worked. I could feel my entire face began to glow with redness and judging by everyone elses facial expressions, the too saw it.
‘Hey’ Anabel interjected, glaring straight into the woman’s eyes. The woman snapped her gaze at her and scorned. ‘You do not address me like that, demon. ‘ she warned.  Anabel laughed and looked straight at the woman, taking a step closer. The woman did not seem amused.
‘well’ Anabel smugly began ‘what happened to sanctuary and equality?’ she sarcastically said with amusement and excitement. Ryan looked at her with warning.
‘Enough of this petty whining’ A man spoke up who was standing on the opposite side of the circle that enclosed us. We all turned to look at him, even Anabel after one last glare at the woman who challenged her. The man was around the age of fifty five and was wearing the same blue uniform as everyone else. His hair was gray and his skin was tanned. He had a pleasant face, although it was masked by a façade of authority and power.
‘She is a demon, Sonia. There a demons here as well as angels and humans. We are all equal here’ The last part he directed at Anabel who then looked away. No one spoke. We all remained silent. The man spoke up again.
‘forgive the impatience of Sonia, but you are in fact the scribe?’ the man asked me, looked forgiving but inquisitie. Maybe they should introduce themselves instead of demanding my identification. I nodded, this time with surety and anger. The man then nodded. He looked at Ryan and anabel ‘You are his protectors?’ he asked with a nod.
‘Yes, we are here to protect Jack’ Ryan replied both as a fact and as a warning, a warning which caught the attention of the presented leader. ‘No one here will cause you and harm’ he said with boredom. Ryan nodded, ‘So you were expecting us?’ he enquired.
The man nodded. ‘Of course we did’ with definity. That was it. The man took a deep breath and presented My name is Loraz and this is the council of Everon. We provide sanctuary for human, demons and angels that have been exiled by their kind. ‘ He looked each of us in the eye and smiled. Obviously he knew who each of us were, but I had not been excelled by the human race, had I? I was here to write the end of the world.
‘Each of us, all eighteen that surround you have all fought against our own kind because we knew that what they believed was wrong. ‘ he looked at us and smiled.
‘And now you are here, the final scribe that will ever live’ he gestured for me to come forward.
I took one small and reluctant step towards him, Anabel and Ryan tensed as I did.
Loraz raised his thick arm and rested his hand on my shoulder and said ‘We are here to protect you’ and as he spoke, he looked me in the eye and I knew that I was safe here. I didn't want to be here, but I knew it was for the best. He released my shoulder from the weight of his hand and looked to Anabel and Ryan. ‘You have done a fine job of protecting him, however your services are no longer needed. You are dismissed for Everon.’ he said with a flick of his hand as if to say ‘Be gone with you, filth’
I looked towards Anabel and Ryan for help and they looked just as shocked and confused as I was, but not scared. I was scared but they looked like they knew what they were going to do.
‘Wait!’ I protested, calling back Loraz who walked away as soon as he had made his dismissal. He looked at me and said ‘Wait for what?’ he challenged.
I breathed and said ‘I need them’ I protested but Loraz just looked confused.
‘No you don’t. We will protect you, feed you and look after have no need for them now you are here’ he snapped back like my protest were an obvious mistake.
‘We’re not leaving him with you’ Anabel shouted, the fury blatantly portrayed in her voice and face, clearly she made no effort to hide it. She walked over to me and stood by my side, Ryan did the same. Loraz glared at Anabel with pure hatred and she glared back at him.
‘If they leave, I leave’ I said clearly. That was it. So  much had changed in the past few days, the only people I knew I could trust were Anabela and Ryan. I wasn’t going to let them leave.
Loraz looked at me with inquisition and a slight hint of resentment.
‘Is that true?’ he asked.
‘Yes’ I snapped. I really hated the idea of standing up to an authoritarian, but right now I didn't care. I needed Anabel and Ryan.
‘Fine’ Loraz said with resentment and he looked at Anabel and Ryan and said ‘Welcome to Everon’ and then walked away. ‘This way’ he shouted and so we followed him, leaving our cage of bodies behind.


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