I am Jack Knight, the last Scribe that will ever live and the one that will write the end of the universe for all beings. However the Angels and the Demons want to influence what I write so that they survive and win the ever going war between their races. Luckily, I have Anabel, a Demon and Ryan, an Angel to protect him. They struggle to push away their differences to work together as a team to help me so that I can write the apocalypse.


7. Everon

The sink was no longer there, the gray wall covered in mould wasn’t there. There was a man standing there. He looked around the age of fifty, he was small, round, his hair was white and sat on the top if his head, perfectly combed, his bearded didn't pass his chin, but like his hair was white and combed. He had the most rosey cheeks and blue eyes that stood out from his pale skin. His hands were in the pockets of a light blue tunic that by the look of it was made from Egyptian cotton and hung from his round body.  His smile was one that beamed from ear to ear and I felt happy just looking at him, his smile was truly contagious. He gestured for us to come forward with his hand and I took a step and heard Anabel and Ryan follow.
‘Welcome’ he chuckled in the happiest voice I had ever heard, he walked towards us and grabbed my hand, shaking it and laughing. ‘Its amazing to finally meet you, Jack Knight!’ he continued, his smile still beaming, making me laugh.
‘Hey’ I said, my voice wobbling. Anabel and Ryan walked to my side.
‘I’m so glad to finally meet you, all of you’ he looked at Ryan and Anabel and shook their hands too. ‘And you are?’ Anabel asked, she sounded the slightest bit impatient but she said it with a smile, so the man made nothing of it.
‘Oh, I am so sorry’ he said, composing himself and adjusting his clothing. ‘I am Sorn, of the council members here in Everon’ he sang. He looked at me again, his smile decreased.
‘And I am so sorry’ he said. Sorry? And with that, Sorn waved his hand in front of my face, much like Orion did to Anabel and Ryan, and I fell into a sleep of darkness and peace.
Ryan caught me in my fall to the ground and Anabel rushed over to Sorn to attack, but he waved both of his hands in front of her face and she froze, mid launch, her fist in the air ready to strike him.
‘I am sorry, but we cannot risk young Jack seeing something we will write before we are within the safety of the city.’ he cautioned. ‘He is safe, the same state of sleep you were put under by Orion’ he smiled.
‘Let her go’ Ryan demanded, and with the same movement that froze her, Anabel returned to normal leaving enough time for Sorn to move out of her way. She ran forward but span around to see Sorn next to Ryan. She sighed.
‘Sorry’ she admitted, looking down at him. He nodded and smiled, Anabel slightly flinched at the sight of such a beaming smile but then smiled back, as forceful as it was for her.
‘Jack has already began to see things’ Ryan said as he lifted me up and held me in his arms.
Sorn nodded. ‘That was something we couldn’t prevent. He is human, the human world will have an effect on him. He is safe now’ He said ‘Come’ and hopped away into the light and vanished.
‘Why can’t there just be a normal door?’ Anabel moaned and Ryan smiled. They walked through the light and stood before a city, just like out of a fairy tale. There was tall buildings with cone roofs, there were stone roads made up of individual stones, the sky was blue, a bright and beautiful aquamarine and the clouds didn’t just fload, they danced in the sky in the rays of the sun beaming down on them. Children danced in the streets and laughed, shopkeepers greeting each other chatting. Fresh fruit and vegetables sold in wooden carts on the street.
‘I’m in Hell’ Anabel remarked, again a smile appeared on Ryan’s face as he heard. Sorn turned around, ‘This is where you will be staying’ he said as he pulled open a pain of wooden doors, varnished and polished with iron hinges and handle. They all walked through into a parlor like room. There Were wooden beams supporting the ceiling, the floor had a large red rug covering most of the wooden floor and a large wooden table in the middle of it. Wooden stairs spiraled up to a second floor which content was hidden by a wooden railing.
‘Wow’ Ryan murmured to himself, making Sorn turn around grinning.
‘Isn’t it wonderful?’ he cheered, clapping his hands.
‘I’m so confused’ Anabel admitted. Sorn looked at her.
‘Well’ he began ‘We knew that Jack was coming here, and we wanted him to feel as happy and comfortable as possible, so we made a few changes. Some thought that we should make Everon look like a city, others thought it should look like his home in the human world, but I thought of something different. You see, in most of the scips Jack has already created, his setting is always like this’ he gestured around him ‘His favourite book as a child was Prince Arthur’ he smiled, looking very happy with himself.
Ryan, who still had me in his arms cleared his throat ‘Is there somewhere I can put him?’ he said rather uncomfortably, looking down at me. Sorn nodded. ‘Upstairs’ he pointed, and Ryan walked up the spiral staircase with me and disappeared behind the banister leaving Sorn and Anabel alone.

Sorn looked at Anabel and his smile faltered a little bit. Anabel cocked her head to the side in curiosity. ‘What?’ she asked him. Sorn chuckled.
‘Where did you get those injuries?’ he asked in a slightly demanding tone. Anabel felt confused. ‘We were attacked a few days ago’ she said in a cautioned voice. Sorn walked over to her. ‘A few days?’ he asked. ‘Sorely that is enough time for a demon to heal themselves?’ he challenged. Anabel laughed.
‘I gave my ability to heal to Jack. He needs it more than I do’ She said with a straight face and surprisingly light tone. Sorn again laughed.
‘Why would a demon do that?’ Sorn challenged. A hint of a smile still remaining on his face, like he pitied her. ‘Why would an angel and a demon team up to save a scribe that is writing their fate?’ he asked, he looked into her eyes. Anabel sighed.
‘Well, I can’t speak for Ryan, I have no idea why he is doing this’ she began ‘But..well...I don’t know’ she became angry. ‘Why do I need a reason? Can’t I just help some kid and stop people from trying to hurt him?’ she challenged back.
‘You are a demon, are you not?’ Sorn asked in a quiet voice. ‘You are supposed to be evil, supposed to hurt people, cause pain and sadness and death’ he said as though it was matter of fact.
Anabel tensed up. ‘So what?’ she remarked.
Sorn took another step, and his face relaxed. ‘So, you are the bravest creature I have ever met and I have the greatest respect for you’ he said and the smile reappeared on his face.
Anabel had never felt so confused. ‘What?’ she asked.
‘Everything alright down there?’ Ryan’s voice called out from the stairs as he descended.
Anabel looked at him and so did Sorn. ‘Yes’ they both said simultaneously. Anabel looked at Sorn with horror, while Sorn’s face was only further consumed by the smile. He giggled and hugged her.
‘I am so relieved you are here. I will leave you to get settled in and I will return shortly. He looked at Anabel again and then walked off out the door.

Anabel looked at Ryan, ‘I really want to kill that man’ she said in a serious tone but meant it lightheartedly. Ryan laughed.
‘You two make a cute couple’ Ryan laughed. He walked over to Anabel who was now collapsed in a red couch that bounced her as she fell. She moaned.
‘You want some food?’ Ryan asked as he walked over to a series of cupboards he assumed was the kitchen. Anabel laughed.
‘An angel offering me how times have changed’ she remarked. Ryan turned around. ‘Hey. I think you were the one who started off this whole being nice thing’ he joked and winked at her.
‘Yeah’ Anabel said looking up at the ceiling. She sighed.
‘Just remember what Orion said’ Ryan said, his tone flat. Anabel huffed.
‘I don’t think I will ever forget what Orion said. Cheeky bastard for sneaking into my dreams and bringing you a long with him.’ She said to herself, but Ryan heard.
‘Yeah, it got the message across though’ he said as he opened a cupboard door and chuckled. Anabel looked over to him to see Ryan holding a bag of Pringles, the original kind.
Anabel shot up and ran over to him. ‘So we are in Camelot eating pringles?’ Anabel said, trying to make sense of it all. Ryan opened another cupboard while Anabel started to munch on the pringles and pulled out a bottle of sprite. ‘Soda with your pringles?’ he asked looking shocked. They both started to laugh, turning into fits of laughter.
‘This is so messed up’ Anabel declared. ‘We, and angel and a demon are babysitting a kid who is going to write the end of time and we are sat in Camelot with chips and soda?’ she didn't quite believe it.
Ryan smiled at her. ‘Hey’ he said, looking at her. ‘This is awesome and I wouldn’t want to share this with anyone else.’ he looked so happy. ‘Ech. Don’t be so disgusting, feathers’ she said as went for another chip, but Ryan pulled away.
‘When I said ‘share this’ I meant the experience, not the pringles’ He said as he ran to the other side of the room. ‘You little..’ Anabel began as she chased him.
She just about had him when ‘ANABEL!?’ My voice rang out. I woke up from a dreamless sleep, but I could tell this time had passed. I could remember everything, the city, the storeroom, Sorn..Wait..Sorn..where was I? Anabel and Ryan came running up stairs and found me lying on a rather comfy bed, one of three. They each had two fluffy pillows and thick duvets. The sunlight lt the room beautifuls through one of the four windows around us. There were closets and doors leading to other rooms and tables and chairs. To be honest, it looked like something out of one of my old stories, I always based the settings off Camelot. This was weird. Anabel and Ryan walked over to me just as I was standing up.
‘Are you alright?’ I asked them, checking them, and then ‘Anabel, your wounds?’They were gone. She checked her hands and then walked over to a mirror that was standing on a desk. She looked at herself. She laughed. ‘That smiley old fairy’ she murmured in disbelief.
‘Am I the only one who is never leaving this place?’ she laughed and turned back to us.
Ryan laughed and so did I.
The door creaked open and in skipped Sorn holding a bundle of fabrics. ‘Hello?’ she sang. We all walked down the stairs and saw the pringles sat on a table where Ryan had left them.
‘What?’ I asked confused looking at the pipe of my favourite chips.
‘We’ll explain later’ Anabel said with a chuckle. Sorn smiled at her.
‘Well, I have your clothes. All based off what you are wearing now’ he said with a smile as he handed me a pair of jeans and white tshirt with a gray hoodie. He handed Ryan a pair of dark denim jeans, a red zip up hoodie and a black tshirt. Sorn then handed Anabel a pair of black skinny jeans and a burgundy shirt with a black leather jacket. She grinned.
‘I love you’ she sounded a little too excited but Sorn just giggled.
‘Okay, get changed and meet me in the hall. You will know where it is, don’t worry’ he winked at Anabel, giggled and then hopped out of the room again.

We were all wearing the clothes brought to us by Sorn, Ababel got changed in one of the rooms that went off from the bedroom which is where Ryan and I got changed. We all met downstairs, Anabel walked down to find Ryan sat on the couch eating the Pringles. She scowled at him and he returned her a smile of victory and smugness.
We walked out of the door and the sun almost blinded me, it didn’t seem to bother Anabel or Ryan which worried me...was I sick? or were they not bothered because of what they were?
We looked around to see buildings surrounding us. The road in front of us went either way, but seeing a rather large building in what looked like the centre of the city, we assumed that was where we needed to go. We walked passed several houses, all so amazingly big it wasn’t quite believeable. They had balconies and huge wooden doors you may find on a church in the human world. People bowed their heads as we walked by, the first was a young girl, she only looked about seven, she had blonde pigtails and a little pink dress on and her face lit up when she saw us. She bowed her head and looked up at me. I smiled back and then looked at Ryan, who was smiling at me and then Anabel who gave a humorous roll of her green eyes. Her hair was slung back into a ponytail, still the amazing colour of deep purple.


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