I am Jack Knight, the last Scribe that will ever live and the one that will write the end of the universe for all beings. However the Angels and the Demons want to influence what I write so that they survive and win the ever going war between their races. Luckily, I have Anabel, a Demon and Ryan, an Angel to protect him. They struggle to push away their differences to work together as a team to help me so that I can write the apocalypse.


3. A stolen car to deliver us to safety.

 We got to the shop, To be honest, I was scared to go in. There are angels and demons in existence and I stole a book from this guy..Would he be angry?

We walked into the shop and it was full. They must have been having a party or something because everyone was dressed up in fancy clothes. Men in suites and women in dresses, each guest had a glass of champagne in their hands. When we entered, no one noticed. Everyone was in their own worlds of chatter and laughter. There was music playing but I couldn’t identify it due to the cover and the audacity of the people. We all stood in the doorway, not knowing what to do. Anabel was the one to make the move. She walked casually over to the wall where the fire alarm was. She stood there for about a minute before she set the alarm off with her hand. No one seemed too bothered about the alarm, the only thing it stopped was the chatter and laughter. Anabel rolled her eyes and then flicked her fingers. there was an orchestra of screeches and screams as the water sprinklers came down from above like torrential rain, soaking everyone. She changed the temperature too, the water was freezing. That did the job. Everyone ran out of the shop and when it was empty, the blinds dropped and the door locked. Both Ryan and I looked at her to find her standing smugly with a glass of champagne in her hands. I was completely shocked, but Ryan looked the same he had in the forest. Anabel looked him and sighed. ‘Get over it, Ryan’ she said with boredom and she turned into the shop and walked towards the back.

‘No no no!’ Orion’s voice emerged before he did. He looked different than before, one thing was that he was happy, but his hair was combed back neatly, he was wearing a black suit and tie and he looked just as think and skeletal as before. ‘What did you do?’ He growled as he emerged from the back holding a tray with nibbles on it. He looked so angry, it was just a party? ‘Wow, calm down there, Orion.’ Anabel said as she took a sip of the champagne.  He looked at her and then saw me and I was now the target of his rage. I stepped back as he walked towards me. This time, Anabel wasn’t there to shield me. She stood up and adjusted her posture as he walked over to me but that was all. ‘You thief!’ He growled at me.
‘Hey, it had my name on it! Why wouldn’t I take it?’ What was I doing? I didn’t want to fight him!

‘Maybe because it’s not yours! I wrote it, it is mine!’ He protested, his pale eyes lit up with anger. What?
‘You wrote a book about me? I asked with disbelief.
Then That was the end of that argument, as brief as it was. He seemed shocked by what I had said to him. ‘Do you even know what you are?’ He sounded disgusted and he looked it. Anabel started to walk over to me, but it was Ryan who got there first. He stood beside me. ‘Thats why we are here’ He assured Orion.  Orion looked to us and then Anabel.  He sighed. ‘Fine’ He gave in. ‘I will tell you. Not that I have much choice, between an angel and a demon’ He looked between Ryan and anabel and walked towards the back of the shop. ‘This way’ he said like we should have been following him.
He lead us to the back where we passed hundred more books. It was amazing.  Was he the author of all of these books? There must be at least a thousand.
‘You are correct’ Orion shouted from ahead.
‘I’m sorry?’ I asked.
‘There are indeed a thousand books in this shop, and yes, they are all mine. Please don’t touch.’ He said with finality. He lead us down a corridor that was filled with books, but they were not his books. I recognised some of the authors. Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Poe..Some of the greatest authors in the history of the world. Admittedly there were even some that I didn’t recognise. The corridor was dark and smelled weird..I didn’t recognise the smell and I couldn’t decide if I liked it or hated it.
‘It smells weird’ Anabell declared like she read my mind.
Orion sighed. ‘Yes, young creature of darkness’ He said. This confused anabel and she mouthed to me ‘Creature of darkness?’
Orion continued. ‘That smell is crushed plants and mixed herbs. It allows me to concentrate when I write.’ He said as if it were matter of fact. We finally emerged from the tunnel like corridor and we came to an office like area that also looked like a living space. ‘You live here?’ Ryan asked with shock and understanding.
‘Yes’ he replied. Orion turned around. ‘Okay’ he began like he knew there would be objections to what followed. ‘I need to talk with young Jack night alone. No angels-’ he looked at Ryan ‘ and certainly no demons’ he smiled at Anabel who respectfully bowed her head. Ryan didn’t seem as willing. ‘Thats not going to happen’ He said with surety. ‘he is the key to saving my people, I am not going to let him out of my sight.’ He walked over to me.
Orion only laughed at his objection. ‘Oh, I think you will.’ and with a flick of his wrist, Anabel and Ryan fell to the ground, their eyes closed. They looked dead. I panicked and ran over to them. ‘Anabel!?’ I asked. But When I saw her chest fall and rise, I fell back with relief.  Again, Orion chuckled. ‘They are your only hope of survival. You think I would kill them?’ I looked at him. ‘what did you do then?’ I demanded. ‘Oh relax’ he said ‘ They are just asleep. They will wake up when I need them too. Come’ He said as he walked over to the table in the middle of the room. I thought about my desk, the exact opposite to Orion’s. Paper and books stacked neatly in piles organised by age, pens in a pot and no food or plates scattered about. It looked nice and I knew for a fact that I could not ever achieve such a level of organisation. Ever.
‘Okay’ Orion said as he sat down and gestured for me to take the seat next to him. ‘You wish to know who you are. Well, that I cannot help you with, but what you are..Now that I can help with.’ He rushed.
‘You are a member of a race, a superior race, known as the scribes.’ He sat face to face with me and kept the eye contact. ‘We have always been around. We have the ability to make things become reality as we write, however we do not know when we will write such an occurrence, nor which will become real. You write a lot at home?’ He asked like he knew the answer, and if it were wrong, he wouldn’t continue. I nodded. ‘Yeah’ I said.
However as supreme as we are-’ he adjusted his posture. ‘ we have rules. the most important rule that must be obeyed is that we never read our own book.’ I froze. I wanted to read the book that had my name on it, if I actually had..what would have happened?
I nodded. ‘Okay.’ Orion sighed and held his hand out. ‘Give me the book, Jack’ His tone was dead and flat, it was an order. An order that I had to follow. I pulled the book out from beneath my hoodie and handed it to him. Once in his hands, Orion never let it go. ‘Never let your humanity get the best of you’ He growled.
‘But what about Anabel and Ryan?’ I asked with pressure.
‘Ryan is an angel and Anabel is a demon? what more is there? One is good one is bad and they are here to protect you.’ He rushed again, like it wasn’t important. This time I was the one who laughed.
‘Orion, I don’t need to read some book about my life to know that there is something you are skipping over..’ I challenged him, looking back at Ryan and Anabel who were in a leap on the floor. Anabel was at the bottom, Ryan was sprawled over her. They were sleeping, so Orion had told me. Orion then sighed with anger and walked away. ‘Why can’t you just leave it alone, Jack? Just let everything take its course? Why must you insist on me telling you everything in that book?’ He shouted at me from across the room.
‘I need to know, Orion!’ I shouted back. ‘This is my life, I have the right to know. I may not be allowed to look in some dam book but I for sure as hell get to know what a freaking angel and demon need me to save their people.’ I stood up out of rage. I needed answers. I was sick of all this secrecy. Orion rubbed his face and then collapsed back onto a leather sofa that was a dark as the wooden floor that creaked beneath us.
‘You are going to write the end of the balance. You are going to write the fate of the angels, the demons and god knows what else what’ He gave in reluctantly, looking me in the eyes as he told me. I was writing the fate of the world? ‘But what does that have to do with me saving their people?’ I gestured to Anabel and Ryan.
‘Because’ He began. ‘They want to manipulate you into changing what you write, which is absurd because you won’t know you are writing it, nor will you be able to change it. They are all idiots’ He walked over to me. ‘Jack. I cannot help you. They can protect you, they can help you, but no one can change what you write. Not even you’ His eyes were filled with sorrow. I couldn’t breath, this was too much. He started to walk towards me, ‘The angel and the demon will take you to Everon, a place where you will be safe to write.’ He was standing before me now the sorrow still flooding his eyes. ‘Speaking of whom’ and with another flick of his wrist, Ryan awoke, He was on his stomach on top of Anabel who woke a few seconds later. Ryan opened his eyes and saw Anabel beneath him and immediately scurried off her. Anabel looked at him and smiled. She didn’t seem bothered. They both stood up and Ryan immediately ran over to Orion, while Anabel walked over to me. I smiled at her, the same way she had done to me in the forest. ‘Ryan!’ I yelled after him. ‘Leave him alone.’ I barked.
‘What did you tell him?’ He barked at Orion. ‘Everything’ He replied. ‘I told him that your people want to manipulate him to get a better outcome, I told him that that cannot change and what he will write is something that not even he can alter.’ Ryan looked angry. ‘But’ Orion continued. ‘I also told him that he is safest with you two.’ in the same dead tone as always.
Ryan stopped and his face relaxed. He sighed and realised what Orion was saying was true.
‘We need to go’ Anabel said, loud enough that everyone was now looking at her.
‘We need to find somewhere safe to rest and figure out what we are going to do’ I didn’t understand how they could go from fighting over me and needing me, to agreeing to protect me? It didn't make sense.
‘yes’ Orion agreed. ‘I have a part to replan’ he scowled as he looked at her. She smiled back and then turned away and walked back to the shop.
We were just about to walk out of the door, when Orion called my name. ‘Jack’ I turned around. It looked like he smiled at me, but I assumed he didn’t. ‘Good luck’ and then he walked away.


‘So what now?’ I asked them. They were looking around, figuring out what to do. ‘well’ Ryan begane. ‘We could walked to the next town, find enough money to get a cab or something-’ he was cut off by the sound of a window smashing and the alerting noise of a car alarm. We span around to see that Anabel had her hand through the window of a car on the sidewalk. It was Danny’s, a boy a I used to know, until he got rich and decided he wasn’t good enough to be my friend. she opened the door and turned off the alarm the barely sounded. ‘What are you doing?’ Ryan growled. ‘We’ll ditch it when we get a few towns away. Don’t worry’ Anabel said like it were obvious.

Ryan stormed over to her.
‘Thats theft.’ he snapped. She looked at him with boredom, her eyes slightly shut.
‘Demon’ she said as she pointed to herself. Ryan looked around and saw people coming. He grabbed me and shoved me in the back of the car and he rose shotgun, together we rode away from this town, forever. At least that what I thought was the plan.
‘wait, wait. where are we going?’ I looked out of the window to see Mrs Smith in her garden. Anabel had brought me home. Why?
‘You need to get some clothes and other human things before we leave. Chop chop’ she said as she got out of the car. I looked at Ryan for help but he seemed to agree with her.
I got out of the car and ran ahead. ‘ We need to leave. I don’t want anyone knowing where I live and I don't want my friends or family getting hurt!’ I challenged. Ryan walked past with Anabel and tapped me on the shoulder. ‘Have faith in us, Jack’


We walked into the house and my mom was still there watching TV and still smoking.
‘I told you to take the goddamn trash out!’ she yelled as soon as she saw me. ‘I’m busy, mom’ I replied. she saw Anabel and Ryan and paused. ‘Well who is this?’ she demanded.
I froze. ‘erm..’ what could I say?
‘Hi, Mrs Night. I’m Dora from Jack’s school’ Anabel’s face turned sweet, she smiled and held out her hand and she took it in her own and shook it.
Ryan did the same. ‘And I am Sam, we are friends of jack’s. Its nice to finally meet you’ they sounded so normal..too normal. They all shook hands.
‘We are here to help Jack with his homework. Its a really touch History assignment. We are so sorry to intrude. We won’t be long’ and then they walked away. So simple.
Anabel walked straight past me for the stairs, her face returning to normal once it was hidden from my mom. Ryan followed her, leaving me standing in a state of confusion. I froze for a few seconds and then looked at my mom who was looking at me with concern. I shook my head and smiled at her and then went up stairs. I walked into my room to find Anabel sitting on my bed flipping through a history textbook, laughing and Ryan was stuffing a bag with my clothes.
‘Please’ I said as I entered. ‘Come in, make yourselves at home’ I snatched the textbook off of Anabel and threw it onto my desk. ‘Fine’ Anabel said as she rose from the bed, ‘Load of propaganda bullshit anyway’ and then walked over to my draws and started shoving what ever she could find into another bag. I sighed and sat on the bed, holding my head in my hands, I thought about what I was doing, what was going on..I didn’t even know, but I did, but I still didn't understand any of it. ‘What am I doing?’ I asked myself. Anabel continued to pack, but Ryan came over to me and sat by me. ‘Look’ he began ‘You are going to write the destiny of the entire world. Literally. It’s a lot to process and it’s a big responsibility.’  I laughed.
‘Yeah, Just a bit’ I mumbled back. I didn't need a pep talk, I knew what I needed to do. ‘But we need to protect you and some of the things we will ask you to do, you may disagree with and you may not want to do it, but we need you to.’ He looked up to Anabel who had paused from packing and was gazing into the wall. She looked troubled but I didn't want to ask. She was a demon after all, she was probably thinking about her recent kill or something demonic-like like that.
‘Anabel?’ Ryan pressed with both inpatients and the slightest hint of concern. She snapped out of it and turned to look at us. she looked dazed, sad. ‘Yeah, we are here to protect you, do as we say’ she said it like she had done so a thousand times before. She then returned to stuffing the bag.  Ryan looked confused and so did I, but that wasn’t my main focus right now, to be honest, I didn't know what was.
‘Okay’ I declared and stood up from the bed before them, looking at them with my arms crossed. I didn’t mind saying what I thought but when my audience was composed of an angel and a demon, I wasn’t as confident. ‘What happened when Orion put you guys to sleep?’ I demanded. ‘Something must have happened because ever since, you guys have been getting along..ish and both hell bent on protecting me.’ I looked at them, Anabel had her back to me again and Ryan just looked confused.
‘Why?’ Anabel spun around and challenged me. ‘Why do you need to know? You know what you have to do and we know what we have to do. You are going to be safe, we will protect you at all costs. There is nothing else you need to know.’ silence. She looked like she was about to cry but still looked angry. Ryan looked at her with concern and query.
‘If it was something about me-’
‘If it was something that you needed to know then we would tell you, but it’ wasn’t so just get over it.’ she interrupted me, ending the conversation and returning to packing. She zipped up the bag and then walked over to the door.
‘You ready?’ she sounded so angry. What had I done? only ask what Orion had said to them because I knew it was about me. Why shouldn’t I know?
Ryan stood up and picked up the bag he had packed. I followed him to the door and just we were about to leave, I forgot my satchel. It didn't contain anything important,just my laptop, a pad of paper and a few pens, not to mention my phone. Just incase of an emergency.
‘You good?’ Ryan asked as I met them. I nodded. I had always thought about leaving home, but now it actually came to it..I didn't want to. I didn't want to leave my friends, my mom..but I knew I had to.
We walked out the door and out the stairs. Anabel greeted my mom with the same smile she had done before. ‘Hey’ she sang. ‘Listen. This is going to take sooo much time and we have a deadline. So I suggested that we go to my uncle’s house who is a history professor. But I just wanted to check with you first’ she sang it out in an over-human manner. My mom looked startled. ‘Yeah, whatever’ she dismissed and then lit another cigarette. Anabel walked away. ‘Super’ she said. My mom flopped down onto the couch and switched on the TV .  Well.. that was painless. Anabel and Ryan walk out of the door carrying the bags. I stopped behind and looked at my mom. ‘so, I guess I will see you later then...’ Trying to hide back the tears.  This was it. she said nothing for a few seconds, she laughed at the TV and then ‘Yeah, can you take out the trash on your way out?’
I sighed. ‘Yeah’ I looked at Anabel and Ryan waiting outside the door looking at me. I smiled at them and Ryan smiled back. Anabel just looked around, probably making sure no one was watching us or coming for me.
I smiled at my mom for one last time and said ‘Bye, Mom’ and then I walked away and didn't look back, picking up the tied up black bag of trash on my way out.
The sun was brighter that it was before, hotter too. Probably just the time of day. I walked past Ryan and Anabel to the trash can at the end of our drive. My old drive. I turned around after I let the heavy lid drop back and took a few seconds to look at the house, the house that I used to live in, the house that used to be my home.
I saw Anabel and Ryan looking at me, they walked down the drive to me, Anabel stopped at the car on the passenger side, but Ryan kept on walking until he was in the middle of the road.
Anabel stared at him ‘Yo, Feathers? You coming or staying?’ She shouted at him, but he stood there for a few seconds and then turned back to us and hurried back to the car.
‘What?’ Anabel looked worried, sounded it too.
Ryan got into the drivers seat and shut the door, Anabel sat in the seat next to him and I in the back behind Anabel. ‘We need to get out of here. Now.’ he rushed as he started the car.
The car started and we drove off, well over the speed limit.
‘What did you see?’ Anabel asked him quietly, hoping it wouldn’t take my attention. Ryan just shook his head. ‘What do you think?’ Anabel froze. ‘Shit’ she breathed.


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