The Saga Chronicles of the Chooby Chooby Cat Thing: Return of Choobso



1. The Wonderous Beginning, Middle, And End.

I was just a little chipmunk when the cat came back. He just wouldn’t stay away. The terror of the chooby chooby choobso cat is back in....


THE RETURN OF CHOOBSO CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! UH OH! (a true story)


Once there was an innocent chipmunk. The chipmunk very much liked rainbows. Once he saw a double rainbow, and he was so amazed he fainted. Just at that time choobso cat was taking a walk. He saw the chipmunk and shoved him in his throat for his later lunch.


When the chipmunk woke up, it was dark. He saw many complicated caverns and tunnels. He remembered all of the tales, and concluded that… HE WAS IN CHOOBSO CAT’S THROAGHTY! He stared around at his surroundings, and saw a little mole, hiding in one of the tunnels. The mole was very old, and very wise.

“Mr. Mole dude?” The chipmunk called.

“Whaaaaaa?” Said the mole.

“Where are we?” Asked the chipmunk.
“We are in my home, look around, there’s the couch.” The mole said and pointed to Choobso’s heart, which was was a rainbow, chipmunks fave. He took a seat on the heart, and realized it was angry. OH NO! THERE WAS ABOOT TO BE A HEART ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, the chipmunk was Canadian. He screamed. The old mole took his magical staff and electrocuted the heart, making Choobso Cat jump sixty feet into the air. Choobso accidentally swallowed one of his whiskers, and the old mole gave it to the youngster chipmunk as a sword.

“You can fight it child, fight the power!” He yelled. So the chipmunk angrily swung the whisker at the downfalling food and organs.

“Take this and that! And some of that, yo!” Yelled the chipmunk. The old man dropped some funky beats.

“Yes, son. Now give em one of dose!” He screamed. But the the chipmunk fell to the cold slippery throat of choobso.

“Nooooooooooooo!” Yelled the chipmunk.

“This can’t be!” Yelled the mole, his face crinkling with pure sorrow.

“But it’s true.” Said the chipmunk.

“I have failed, in being your sensei.” The mole cried. He was forced to commit seppuku to regain his honor.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! GOODBYE, MASTER! I”LL NEVER FORGET YOOOOOOOOOOU!” Yelled the chipmunk and pounded at choobso’s massive flab of flub.

“Where will I go?” Asked the chipmunk.

To Be Continued…

“WAIT I HAVE MORE TO SAY!” Yelled the chipmunk.

To Be Continued...

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