Calum or luke love story

Sally is a normal 17 year old girl until her life gets turned upside down by two special boys


4. you meet Calum

After what happened yesterday you couldn't get that blue eyed boy off your mind, you feel so stupid why couldn't u have said more!! You keep thinking of yesterday while walking to work, you work at rue 21, you wasn't paying attention when you walked in going strait to the back to change when you got stopped by someone wearing black vans

"Hey miss" the black vans asked.

"I don't know where the vans are in here, can you show me?"

You know you was here you could just pretended you didn't hear him and keep walking because you know your gonna be late, but you decided against it. You look up and see brown eyes staring at you.

"Umm sure just follow me" you say while walking in a direction, when you get to the vans you about to go check in but you get stopped again.

"Excuse me miss." He said again.


"Have i seen you around before?" He asked while picking up some purple vans.

"I don't believe so?" You say while looking at him weird.

"Yea i know you from somewhere do you go to Blackwood high school?" He said while pointing at you.

"Yes i do why?" You say while looking at him weirdly.

"Thats where iv seen you from." He says while smiling.

"Oh, but how iv never seen you around?"

"Where in 2 block together, i sit in the back" he said while grabbing two vans and heading to the register.

"Oh no wonder i don't see you" you say while registering his vans.

"Yea, hey can i get your number ?" He asks while paying.

"Uh yea sure." You get a paper and pen and write your number down on it.

"Here you go" you give him the paper.

"Thanks sally ill text you later, see you around." He says while waving and walking out the store.

Today is gonna be a long day.

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