Calum or luke love story

Sally is a normal 17 year old girl until her life gets turned upside down by two special boys


5. Red hair, brown & blue eyes

The next day while driving to school and hearing grace go on about Michael who we are picking up on the way to school, great. Well i learned that they are together, I'm happy for her she really loves him and I'm not gonna stop them from seeing each other but if he hurts her he has another thing coming.

I drive up Michael's house and he comes running out the door with a big smile on his face, he comes up to grace's side and gives her a kiss before getting into the back.

"So your Michael?" I ask while looking in the rear view mirror at Michael.

"Yep and you must me sally, am

I right?" He says while getting out of the car and walking to the school entrance and at the same time grabbing graces hand.

"Yes thats right iv heard so much about you" you say while glancing at grace, she gives you the death glare.

"Really!?" Michael says while looking at grace.

She starts blushing, we head inside the school and strait to our lockers.

"Hey sally!" You hear you name being called.

you turn and see Calum walking to you with a smile on his face .

"Hey calum." You say while grabbing your books for math class.

"Um i was wondering if you wanted to sit with me and my friends at lunch today?" He said while looking at the ground blushing.

"Sure calum." You smile at him.

"See you at lunch sally." he said while waving and walking the other direction.

You walk into math class and head to the back, you like the back, you get more stuff done. Your looking down at your phone when you notice someone sit beside you, you look over and its luke.

"Hey." you say while looking at him.

"Hi, uh would it be weird to ask for your number, i was gonna ask for it the other day but i didn't want you to be late for class." Luke said while looking down and nibbling on his lip ring.

"Yea sorry about that, here." you say while giving him your phone and taking his and putting your number in it.

"Ok class settle down." mrs. Lockwood said while writing on the bored our assignment for the day.

"You will be paired with partners today and you will learn a little about the other person you will be partnered with and ill be choosing your partners, ok Dustin with Kate, sally with luke..."

"So i guess were partners."

"Guess we are"

40mins later...

Bell rings

"Ill see you later Luke" you say while gathering your books.

"Yea ill see you later"

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