Calum or luke love story

Sally is a normal 17 year old girl until her life gets turned upside down by two special boys


7. lunch, laughs and arguments

I walk to my locker to put my stuff up, then walk strait to lunch. I get my food and look around for calum.

"Sally over here." You look over and see Calum waving at you to come over. You walk over and see ashton, Caroline, grace, Michael and luke sitting at the table.

"Hey sally i didnt know you and Calum knew each other?" Luke said while looking between you and Calum

"I didnt know you guys where friends Acually." You say while placing your food on the lunch table

You look over at grace and see her mouth something.

"These are the guys." She mouths while pointing to them.

"What?" You mouth back.

"These are the guys i was talking about"

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