Calum or luke love story

Sally is a normal 17 year old girl until her life gets turned upside down by two special boys


11. its a surprise

Ok so ill be passing a few months in, Luke did move on, yes he has found himself a beautiful girl who loves him bunches and yes she will be in the story a lot well as much as i can squeeze her in she is Sally's and graces friend and well just read the story.


Its dark like really dark i cant see anything. I feel around and im in a car, and its moving.

"Well sleeping beauty is now awake"

I hear a someone say. I look over in the direction that the voice came from but saw nothing.

"A-ashton is that you" reaching out an feeling an arm.

he giggles while putting your arm im your lap. "In the flesh sally, now sit back and relax"

"Why is it so dark? Why cant i see! Ashton help!!" I say while panicking.

"Sally relax i put a blind fold on you so you could see where we are going, so you couldn't see the surprise" ashton says while slowing the car down.

"Surprise? What surprise"

"You will see" i hear a car door open then shut. Now all i hear is silence, then my side of the car door opening.

"Come on sally let me help you out" i feel him grab my arm and help me out of the car.

"Alright watch your step"

"How can i watch my step if i cant freaking see ashton" annoyed by what he said i yank my arm out of his grasp and walk a little forward, but trip and fall.

"Oops sorry, sally are you ok?"

"Just peachy ashton" i feel him grab my arm and help me up, we start walking again but come to a stop.

"Can i take the blind fold off now?" i ask. But i hear nothing.

"Uh ashton?" Nothing again. so i take the blind fold off. im stunned of what i see, theres lights everywhere i hear music playing, i look down and see rose peddles leading to somewhere, i follow them, they come to a stop. I look up gasping at what i see...


Cliff hanger god i hate those things lol but thinking about deleting this story no one reads it anyways. My friend told me one time that i shouldn't give up but idk.

Leave comments if you guys want me to keep it up and keep going but if there is no comments ill take it down...

But i hope you guys love the story!! Bye lovelies❤️ - A

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