Calum or luke love story

Sally is a normal 17 year old girl until her life gets turned upside down by two special boys


1. first day of 11th grade

"Honey are you up?" Your mom calls from down stairs.

"Yes mom im up." You say while throwing the covers over your body and

walking to the bathroom, you start the shower while getting undressed.

You get in feeling the hot water beat down your back you close your eyes thinking that the first day of this school year will be better than the last year.

(ill probably add something from her later year past)

You turn off the water and step out while wrapping a towel around your body, you walk across your room to your closet and pick out a green day shirt with black skinny jeans, all while you get dressed your cousin grace calls you.

"Hello?" You say into the phone

"Omg girl have you seen the new kids?!" Grace screams onto the phone.

"Um not really why?" You say back while grabbing your bag and heading down stairs.

"There so cute i like this one called Michael clifford!!" Grace screams back.

"Ha ok dont get to excited." You laugh into the phone.

"You dont understand you haven't seen them yet." Grace argues back.

"Just be ready im on my way to pick you up." You say while walking out the door to your 2014 dark silver blue jeep.

"Ugh alright alright." She pouts back.

You pull into her drive way and see her smiling really big.

"What has you so happy?" You ask.

"Oh nothing." She says still smiling.

"Haha ok then." You say while pulling out of her drive way, and start heading to school.

You guys sit in silence not wanting to hear her rant about this new kid names Michael Clifford i don't understand whats so interesting about them?

You pull into school and find your parking spot as soon as you park grace is already out of the car and running to school.

"Thanks for waiting!" you say while locking the car.

"Sorry i just wanted to see Micheal!" She yells back while running up the steps to school.

"Your not dating?"

"Not yet." She argues back

Shaking your head you walk up the steps into school and strait to your locker you grab your stuff that you need for first and start heading to first on your way there you bump into someone.

"Hey sorry i di-"

"Its alright." The strangers says.

I look up and i see a blonde 6' hight boy.

"Hi im luke" the blond boy said.

He reaches his hand out for me to shake i grab his hand and shake it, its warm and soft.

"Im sally" i say while blushing

"Hey no need to hide that beautiful face" he says while taking his hand and touching my face and moving my hair behind my ear.

"I must be getting to class" you say while pointing to class.

"Right" he says, walking away.

I sit in first period thinking is that one of the boys grace was talking about? Who is this Michael she keeps talking about? I have to meet them...

(Grace's prov)

I need to find Michael!! Omg there he is ahh!

"Michael!" Grace yells while waving her arms in the air.

"Ha hi you must be grace right" he says while walking over to grace and while smiling at her.

"Yes I'm grace" grace says while blushing bright red.

"No need to blush" Michael says while reaching for her hand "want to go with me somewhere?"

"Sure where to?" Grace asks while looking at there hands.

"Hmm just somewhere."

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