Love Sick or Sick of Love?

Lucy and Axel are engaged and getting ready for the wedding. Making the plans and living everyday life as normal until one of them does the unthinkable. Can they recover from this mistake or will it be the end?


1. The Beach

One of the many perks of being engaged, Lucy thought, was the surprising sparkle of her ring to remind her how much she loved her dear man. Sitting outside with the smell of salt in the air, the sun happened to reflect off her ring just right and she got lost in her reminiscing. The sound of the waves hitting the sand and the warmth of the sun took her back to the day it happened. Him down on one knee at my mother's "beginning of the summer barbeque" she had thrown. This was the seventh year in a row that she had this party and the second year she invited the Bishops, Axel's family. I had no idea it was to turn into our engagement party. Just as Lucy was starting to settle into her memories of that fond day, Axel plopped down beside her on the sand and snapped her back to reality.


"Starting the party without me?" He said with a sad puppy-dog face.


"Of course not," she gestures to all the open sand around her, "do you see anyone else here yet?" She giggles. "You know I like to come to the beach as early as I can."


"Yeah, yeah. How was work?"

"I had piles upon piles of paperwork to do today, owning your own daycare isn't as fun as one would have dreamt of. Do you know when everyone else is suppose to be coming? I'm starving."


"James, Charles, and Waylon should be here any minute. We all left the office at three. They had to pick up their girls and change. I haven't heard from Burt or Logan in a few hours, but they said they would be meeting us at Pete's at five." Axel checks his phone, "It's four now so I'll text them to make sure."


"Nancy and Jill texted me right before you got here, they should be here soon. I told everyone to meet us at the ferris wheel on the boardwalk, so we should start heading over there." Axel helped Lucy up and to her surprise he picked her up into a tight embrace.


"I love you so much Lucy." He sets her down with a kiss on the forehead and they walk arm and arm to the boardwalk.


"Do you think they know we are asking them to be in the wedding party today?" Lucy looked up at him.


"Maybe, but that doesn't make it any less exciting." They pass little shops with trinkets and toys, huts with all different smells pouring out of them, bars with nosey chatter flooding from them, endless supply of beach wear and flip-flops, and all different kinds of people. Lucy takes it all in, this is her favorite place to be with her favorite person. She loves the atmosphere of the relaxing beach and the busy boardwalk.



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