Love Sick or Sick of Love?

Lucy and Axel are engaged and getting ready for the wedding. Making the plans and living everyday life as normal until one of them does the unthinkable. Can they recover from this mistake or will it be the end?


3. Pete's

    They arrived at Pete's with five minutes to spare. Pete's really wasn't a reservation type of place, but with it being Friday night at the beach if you didn't call ahead of time you'd be waiting hours for a table. Burt and Logan were standing outside waiting for everyone. 
    "About time, I wasn't sure you were going to get here on time." Burt said as he slung his arms up in the air. He was a punctual type. His bushy eyebrows forming a straight line over top of his brown eyes. Burt was average height and average looking which always bugged him so he went out of his way everyday to make sure to look his best and have his brown hair gelled just right. He was wearing a white dress shirt with the top button undone and black dress pants with shiny leather shoes. That is what he called the "casual look." Lucy looked down at herself, she was wearing a white sundress with pastel colored floral print and flip-flops. She felt wildly under dressed.
    Jill walked over to Burt and gave him a flirtatious kiss on the cheek. "Relax, we aren't late." She looks back at Lucy and gives her a side smile. Lucy looks at the group of people she's with and realizes she looks fine and walks in the restaurant.
    "Bishop party," Axel says to the hostess, she smiles and directed them out of the waiting area. Pete's was a nice place, equivalent to an Olive Garden except it was special to Lucy and Axel. It was where they had their first date and where they continued to spend all four anniversaries and all special occasions. They requested the party table which was right next to a window over looking the beach, it was warm and a breath-taking sight. It was also the only table in the restaurant that could fit twelve people without moving stuff around. They ordered a few bottles of wine and their meals. The waitress scurried off to put their orders in and came back moments later with the finest red wine that they had, she realized that these would be good tippers so she knew she'd have to stay close. She poured them each a glass and walked away.
    "A toast," Logan raised his glass, "to my brother Axel for finding love and welcoming this crazy woman into our lives. We all know that you will be happily together forever, and we can't wait to have you as a Bishop Lucy." Everyone raised their glasses and took a sip. Logan was a charmer, you could tell from miles away that him and Axel were brothers. He wasn't as tall as Axel, coming in at 6' even, but they had the same hair and the same eyes. Logan didn't have the cute dimples like Axel, he got those from his mother. However, he was a ladies man. The ladies always fell for his pick up lines and quick wit.
    After they finished eating, Axel excused himself and came back with ten little bags. Each with a friends name on it.
    "Jill and Logan, you first." They took their bags and started rifling through them. Jill pulled out a tiny ring box, when she opened it she found a note that said "will you be my maid-of-honor?" and a ring with a J scrabble piece attached to it. To Lucy's surprise, and everyone elses, Jill bursted out into tears bascially screaming "yes." Jill isn't the emotionally type, so this really hit Lucy and she started crying as well.
    Logan pulled out a flask with "best friend for life, best man for a night" engraved onto it. He picked his glass up in a toasting form and took a sip. Axel could tell that he was trying to hold back his emotions by not saying anything so he got up and gave Logan a hug. That was his undoing. He teared up and just kept saying "thank you man, I love you." 
    After everyone got themselves back together, Axel and Lucy handed out the rest of the bags. All the girls got the same ring as Jill with their initial attached to it and a note asking them to be a bridesmaid. Each heartly consented and screamed out in excitement. All the guys were given a flask with their last names engraved on them, they each toasted Axel and gave him a hug. After all the excitement and tears were subdued, Logan ordered a round of shots for the group, paid the whole bill, and they were on their way.
    After one more round of hugs and tears, they were all in their cars heading home.
    "I knew your brother would love that flask," Lucy said as she put her seat belt on. 
    "I'm happy they all liked their gifts and were excited to be part of the wedding."
    "Like they didn't already know they were going to be the wedding party?" They both giggled. After the fifteen minute ride to their house, they both changed into their pjs and settled in for the night. 

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