Love Sick or Sick of Love?

Lucy and Axel are engaged and getting ready for the wedding. Making the plans and living everyday life as normal until one of them does the unthinkable. Can they recover from this mistake or will it be the end?


2. Meet the Wedding Party

They finally get to the ferris wheel and Lucy is surprised they are all there on time and before her and Axel.

"Hey guys!" James and his girlfriend Claudia were the first two to greet them. Lucy couldn't help but feel envious towards Claudia because of her long beautiful blond hair and bright blue eyes. She was like a real life Barbie doll. Natural beauty with all the trendest clothes. Lucy felt like her brown locks and green eyes would never match up to that kind of face and style. She was happy she started working out for the wedding though, she knew she had a figure most girls would die for. James was no head turner though. He was the accountant at the law office Axel worked at. Red hair, short stocky body. His face was more freckles than skin, but he was sweet and treated Claudia like a princess instead of a trophy. Jill ran up to Lucy wrapping her in a big, slightly awkward hug. She must know, Lucy thought. Jill had been Lucy's best friend since grade school. Some kid was picking on Jill about her piggy tails and Lucy walked right up to them and socked him a good one. They have been inseparable every since. Jill was athletic and built for it. She was tall and very slender, jet black hair, light blue eyes. No sence of style, but she could put a ball in the hoop and throw a nasty curve ball. She always wore her hair in a pony tail and would never be caught with anything except work out clothes on. Today she was sporting running shorts with a sports bra and net tank top, yet she still looked stunning.


"Really Jill, that's what you are wearing to dinner?" Lucy teased. "Yet, I expect nothing less.'


"Heeey, I look goooood." Jill winks and struts away. Nancy and Nina (Charles girlfriend) waved and went back to watching Charles, Waylon, and Shauna on the ferris wheel. Nancy and Nina were twins, neither taller then 4'11". More attitude than their little bodies could hold. They were the type of girls where they either hated you or loved you. They were good girls once you get to know them. Both have brown shoulder length hair with staight bangs. The only way to tell them apart were their eyes. Nancy had green eyes and Nina had blue. They just started hanging out with Lucy and Axel two years ago when Charles and Nina starting dating. Charles was Axels best friend. They had met in college and went on to law school together and started their own firm, which has flourished. Charles was tall, very tall. 6'6" tall, with Axel being a tall man himself (6'3") they orginally met playing basketball for Duke. Charles had brown hair, brown eyes. Very average looking guy, but his sence of humor is what sets him apart. You cannot be around him for a minute without bursting into laughter. His presence just brights up whatever rooms he's in. Waylon on the other hand, he was about as dull as a doorknob. He was extremely smart, but didn't understand human emotions, sarcasm, or anything he couldn't study with a microscope. How he got Shauna will forever be a mystery to Lucy and Axel, and how she got him to get married will confuse them much longer. Axel grew up with Waylon, they were neighbors from kindergarten until they both went to college. They had recently got back in touch when Waylon and Shauna moved to the beach area. Waylon was short with huge glasses and always wore suspenders with bowties. Shauna was also into science. She was the local high school science teacher while he worked at the hospital studying diseases and trying to find cures. She was always all done up, head to toe. Her blond hair tightly wrapped up in a bun and more makeup on her eyes than she really needed. She had gorgeous eyes that always seemed like they were a different shade of blue-gray every time you saw her.


"Did you know that more carnival workers are killed by ferris wheels than riders?" Waylon says to everyone as him and the rest get off the ride.


"Did you know you were almost one of those ferris wheel riders to get killed if I had to hear one more ferris wheel fact." Charles rolls his eyes and hurries over to Nina. "Why did I agree to ride with them again?" Nina smirks and elbows him.


"Everyone ready to go to Pete's?" Axels asked the crowd. They all casually walked to their cars making small talk about the beach goers and their days. Axel opens the car door for Lucy and she slides in. She watches him as he walks around the car to the drivers side. She can't help but stare. He's so gorgeous. Brown tousled hair, blue-green eyes, boyish smile, and deep demples. She couldn't believe that this man was hers, forever. 


"What are you staring at?" He interupted her thoughts.


"How lucky I am." She smiles, then leaned over and gives him a kiss. "We should get going so we can make our reservation." He smiles and puts the car in drive.


"As you wish, my love."



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