Tomorrow Never Dies (Ashton Irwin Fan Fiction)

Leia and the boys are heading out to tour again. Though this time with One Direction. Follow them as they face new challenges and the revenge of someone from there past. Will they all be able to make it through or will one fall to someones need to be avenged.


10. Chapter 8

 I head into Ashton’s dressing room to see him relaxing on his phone. He looks up at me and like always he knows me too well opening his arms to me. I shut his dressing room door locking it and run into his arms letting my tears soak his t shirt. He kisses my forehead and holds me tighter.

  “What’s wrong baby?” He asks rubbing soothing circles into my back.

  “My cousin she’s so mean” I say burying my face further into his shoulder.

  “What did she say?”

 “She acted all nice at first then started to talk to me like she use to. She asked about how everything was going with you and said I was lucky that I got to you first. She then said that I had finally lost my baby fat and I snapped I just got so mad and I finally stood up to her” I say as Ashton wipes away my tears. He looked at me with his hazel green eyes staring at me with all of his love and I stared back with the same love for him feeling a lot better just by the way he was holding me.

  “Well what did you say back?” He asks grinning.

  “I told her that she was a bitch and that you wouldn’t go for a slut like her anyway” I say and he burst out laughing.

 That same laugh that I have come to find is my favorite sound. I laugh along with him finally feeling a bit better thanks to the man holding me. The man I love with all my heart.

  “That’s my baby” He says proud bring his lips to mine.

 I kiss him back deeply and open my mouth for him so he can slip his tongue in. He deepens it even more moving on top of me. Just as he slips his hands under my shirt there is a knock at the door.

  “Hey guys open up we need Ashton for the concert tonight” My brothers muffled voice says through the door.

  “Yeah no time for sex in the dressing room” Calums muffled voice follows.

 We roll our eyes and Ashton gives me one more loving kiss before getting up and grabbing his drumsticks. I laugh while he stands for a minute trying to get his situation to go down before heading out the door.

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