Tomorrow Never Dies (Ashton Irwin Fan Fiction)

Leia and the boys are heading out to tour again. Though this time with One Direction. Follow them as they face new challenges and the revenge of someone from there past. Will they all be able to make it through or will one fall to someones need to be avenged.


9. Chapter 7

 I sigh as I wait sadly backstage for my cousin to arrive. The boys were busy getting ready. I was trying to take deep breaths to try and calm myself down. I can't tell if I'm more afraid or aggravated of how she's gonna be when she makes her way back here. She has always had that effect on me. Ever since we were little she liked to pick out all my insecurities. 

 I remember when we were 12 and Annabell invited Michael, Luke, Calum, and I to her house to swim in her pull. Michael was closer to her than me so he agreed right away. The only reason I went is because Luke was going to be there and I had the biggest crush on him at the time. It was something about that goofy smile of his and that blonde hair. We all went to change into our swimsuits and I was embarrassed because I only had a one piece swimsuit because I still had a little bit of baby fat back then and wasn't ready to where a bikini yet. 

 I walked outside to see everyone else was already in the pool. Annabell glanced toward me as I walked toward them. 


  "Oh cuz that swimsuit does not suit you. Maybe you would be best in a pair of swim trunks and a tshirt your showing a little to much skin" Annabell says causing Michael and Luke to laugh but Calum only glared her way.

 I ran inside and into the guest room crying so hard I could barely see in front of me. The only one that came to comfort me was Calum. He held me while I cried telling me that my cousin was wrong and that I did look good and that I was going to be okay. He stayed with me for a couple hours until Michael came to check on me. I was already feeling down because Annabell had embarrassed me in front of Luke but what really made me angry was that Michael took her side. He told me that I was over reacting and that it was only a joke.

 I knew then that he would always take her side. He always has. She has done stuff like that to me so many times that it's just something I expect when I see her now. I haven't seen her in the last two years. I refused. And when asked why I didn't want to go to dinner at my Aunt and uncle's I would say I had other plans. Michael and my friends were the only ones who knew why I really didn't want to see her.  

 I heave out one more drawn breath before she makes her way backstage. She looks a lot like she did a couple years ago. The only difference is that she is a couple inches taller and has blonde highlights in her Auburn hair.  She smiled as her eyes landed on me. 


  "Play nice" Calum says as he walks by me and I glare at him making him laugh as he makes his way to his dressing room. 


  "Leia is that you?" She asks as she pulls me into a hug making my eyes bulge from shock. 


 She hasn't hugged me since we were kids. What the hell is going on? 


  "Hey Annabell" I say patting her back once I get over my shock. 


  "How have you been?" She asks once she pulls away.  


  "Uh okay? How about you?" I ask not sure how to take her sudden interest in my life.


  "I'm doing okay. I start at the school of modern arts in the fall. Can you believe I got in! Anyway enough about me I hear you are dating Ashton Irwin" She says almost like she is proud of me.


  "Yeah we are dating now. We started dating last summer" I say glancing to his dressing room. 


  "It's a good thing you got to him before I did" She says laughing making me grit my teeth to keep from hitting her right then and there. 


  "Yeah lucky me" I say sarcastic but she doesn't notice. That or she decides not to comment. 


  "So where is Michael?" She asks looking around.


  "In his dressing room" I say motioning toward his door. 


  "I'll have to go see how he is in a few minutes" She says. 


  "Yeah" I nod wanting more than anything in this moment for one of the boys to come out to talk to us. 


  "You look pretty good Leia im shocked. Lost all that baby fat didn't you haha" She says and I snap. 


  "You know what yes I have. Sorry that you don't have that to make fun of anymore though I am sure that you will find something else. You wanna know why you haven't seen me in two years it's because I think you are a bitch and I'm sick of it and I am sick of you. So if you want someone to kiss your ass Luke's dressing room is over there so I am going to go spend time with my boyfriend that I am in love with that by the way wouldn't even glance at a slut like you so bye and fuck you" I scream at her and she stares at me shocked by what I said seeming weirdly guilty. 


 I really don't care what she thinks though. Standing up to her for the first time in years felt good. I refuse to be pushed around any longer. I turn away from her walking past Calums dressing room to get to Ashton's. 


  "I thought that I said to play nice" Calum calls to me giving me his I'm proud of you smile. 


 I just turn and head into Ashton's dressing room happy to be getting away from my cousin at least for a few hours and to get to cuddle with ashton until he had to go on stage.

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