Tomorrow Never Dies (Ashton Irwin Fan Fiction)

Leia and the boys are heading out to tour again. Though this time with One Direction. Follow them as they face new challenges and the revenge of someone from there past. Will they all be able to make it through or will one fall to someones need to be avenged.


7. Chapter 5


 I walk out of Ashton's dressing room and went to sit next to my brother on the couch. He glances over at me as he stuffs his face with the food from the table near us. He glares at me as I laugh. 


  "What I haven't eaten today" He says in his defense and started to eat again. I reach over to the table and grab some napkins handing them to Micheal.


  "Jeez Micheal chew" Calum says as he comes up beside me. 


 He glared and threw his plastic cup at him. Calum moves quickly causing it to hit Luke who was walking behind him. Luke glares at both off them and before we know it we are in a full on plastic cup war.The four of us running for cover behind couches and the food table throwing cups at each other. 


  "I leave you kids alone for ten minutes and you have a full on plastic cup war" Ashton says walking toward us fresh from his shower. 


 We all glare at him and throw our remaining cups at him. He laughs as he tries to dodge the cups. We laugh and quickly pick up the cups from the floor putting them back on the table before anyone notices. We watch from backstage as One Direction performs. I try to hold in my screams knowing how jealous Ashton gets. It was amazing to see them perform live. After the show the manager motions for us to head back to the bus. I jump on Calum's back and yell loudly as he takes off running to the bus the others close behind. When we reach the bus I climb off his back and sit next to Ashton on the bus cuddling against him as the others went to bed. Ashton places me in his arms and grabs a blanket wrapping it around us. We fall asleep in each others arm's. The only place I ever want to be. 






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