Tomorrow Never Dies (Ashton Irwin Fan Fiction)

Leia and the boys are heading out to tour again. Though this time with One Direction. Follow them as they face new challenges and the revenge of someone from there past. Will they all be able to make it through or will one fall to someones need to be avenged.


5. chapter 3

  I walked backstage with Ashton clutching onto his hand. I tried to take deep breaths and I fixed my hair for the 20th time in the last couple hours. I sat shakily next to Calum on the couch looking around. I was going to meet One Direction today.


  "You look fine calm down" Calum says to me rubbing my arm to comfort me. I am grateful for the comfort and lean into him a little more.


  "I know just nervous" I say laying my head on his shoulder. 


  "They are just normal guys like us okay" He says placing a kiss on the side of my forehead. I relax a bit at that. 


  "I know" I say just as Micheal Luke and Ashton walk in. Ashton sees how close I'm sitting to Calum and sends him a glare. Though Calum just rolls his eyes. I go to move toward Ashton but he heads back toward his dressing room. 


  "I'll go talk to him" Calum say and Luke follows him. Micheals sits down next to me kissing the side of my forehead like Calum did. 


  "I was just talking to Calum how can he get mad at me" I say sadly and Micheal pulls me into a hug. 


  "He just gets jealous of other guys being around you. My little sister is beautiful so of course he would" He whispers to me and I hold onto him tight grateful to have such a great big brother. 


 A few minutes later Calum and Luke come back with Ashton and he pulls me to him. I laugh as the others groan and Ashton showers me with kisses and I'm sorry's. I tell him that it's okay and he smiles that smile I love so much at me. 


 Just as he sits me down the door to backstage opens and the members of One Direction come walking in. They smile and head toward us. I take a couple last minute deep breaths before they reach us. 


 Luke is the first one to speak. 


  "Hey I'm Luke and this is Calum Micheal and Ashton. Then there is Micheals sister Leia who made us listen to your cd's a million time on the way here" Luke says pointing to each of us. 


  "Always nice to meet a fan" Liam says walking up to me. I hold out my hand to shake his but he pulls me in a hug instead. I smile hugging him back.


  "Nice to meet you love" Louis says pulling me into a hug when Liam is done. 


  "So out of all of us who'syour favorite?" Niall asks as he moves to me. 


  "Harry's my favorite" I say and smile as see Harry start to smile. Niall makes a pout face and I pull him to me in a hug.


  "Dont worry I love you too Niall" I say and he cheers happily causing the others to laugh. 


  "You just made his day"Zayn says pulling me into a hug. 


 Then Harry comes up to me. I feel my heart skip slightly as he takes my hand.


  "Looking foward to getting to know you" He says placing a kiss on my handbefore pulling me to him in a hug. 


 The band starts introducing themselves to eachother and I look toward Ashton. He does not look to happy about Harry kissing my hand and hugging me. He seems to get over it a bit as they all start to joke around. I smile happy to see everyone is having fun. This tour should be interesting. 



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