Tomorrow Never Dies (Ashton Irwin Fan Fiction)

Leia and the boys are heading out to tour again. Though this time with One Direction. Follow them as they face new challenges and the revenge of someone from there past. Will they all be able to make it through or will one fall to someones need to be avenged.


1. chapter 1




 I glanced at my room one more time before heading downstairs knowing that I wont see it for the next few months. Micheal is waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs. He smiles when he sees me and takes my bags.

  "Ready?" He asks as he locks our door. 

  "Yes lets go" I say running to the tour bus thats parked out front. He chuckles and follows after me.

 When we reach the bus Calum and Luke greet us. I sit between them as Micheal takes our bags to the back.

  "I cant believe we started the last tour a year ago today" I say excited that we were on the road again.

  "Yeah not much has changed except a year ago today you were whining about how Ashton would never love you now its almost impossible to get either of you alone" Micheal says as he makes his way toward the front of the bus again causing Calum to start laughing and luke to nod in agreement. I send him a glare but he just ignores me. 

  "Thats not the only new thing. We are touring with One Direction!!!!!!!!" I cheer happily and Calum rolls his eyes next to me. I love One Direction and had been fangirling about meeting them for the last couple months. I would get to know them really well since we would be spending almost everyday with them on tour.  

  "You better not act like this in front of Ashton. You know how jealous he gets" Luke warns and I sigh knowing just how right he is. Last week I had gone to the store with Ashton and a guy walked by me glancing at me a little to long and he nearly lost it. 

  "I know" I say slumping slightly and Calum pats my shoulder in comfort. I smile in thanks leaning into him slightly. 

We stare out the tour bus windows as we head to get Ashton. Trying to get a final glance at home. 

 A few minutes later we pull up in front of Ashtons. I smile as I see him running up to the bus. I jump up into his arms as he makes his way up the steps. 

  "Hey Baby" He says and chuckles at how tight im holding onto him. I stare up into his green eyes as he brings his lips down to mine. I feel myself start to fall into the same amazing bliss I felt every time when groans came from behind us. We laugh as we look to see Micheal gagging and luke hiding his face behind a pillow leaning into Calum who is hiding behind his shoulder.  

  "I missed you" I say to Ashton as he sits with me in his lap wrapping his arms around me.

  "He was just over a couple hours ago" Micheal exclaims shaking his head. I reach around him grabbing a pillow to hit him with. He moves from my reach over to Calum and Luke. I dont mind though just get more comfortable in Ashtons lap.

  "I missed you too" He whispers to me giving me one more quick kiss before turning to talk to Calum Luke and Micheal about tour. I just sit back listening intently. I smile as they start talking about what songs they were going to open with. I can tell Im going to enjoy this tour.

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