Harrys Little Sis (ON HOLD)

X factor auditons, to the day they became a band on July 23 2010. I was there to witness it.


2. Becoming Famous

Harrys P.O.V

Today I am coming home to tell mum that I am part of a band now.I cant wait because I haven't seen my 14 year old sister Christa in so long now.I hope she doesn't hate me for leaving.I mean because I wouldn't hate her if she left to go on X-Factor but who knows anymore.But I am bringing along the boys. so Christa and Niall can meet..

*Time Skip I arrive at home*

I knock on the door

"Coming" I hear my lovely mothers voice say.

As she opens the door,she starts crying.She hugs me and the rest of the boys who she doesn't even know.

"Come in come in, I was just making dinner.Its so nice to see my baby boy!"She said while crying hysterically.

"Its so good to see you to.Hey Mommy, where is Christa at?"I ask

"Oh upstairs in her room as always since you left." She says

Me and the boys secretly snuck up the stairs and suprised Christa.

"HARRY!!!!!" She screamed

"Christa!!!!!!!" I screamed back, she jumped in my arms and hugged me tightly.

Christa saw Niall,Louis,Liam,and Zayn.

"Mind introducing me to your cute friends?"She said shyly

"Yes,this is Niall,Louis,Liam and Mr.Zayn Malik, mr punk rock"I said snickering.

"Shut it Harry" Zayn said

We were all distracted so we didn't notice that Niall and Christa were kissing. 

"Christa I knew this was gonna happen so go ahead" I said and we all turned around.

"Dinner!!!"Mum yelled 

We all ran downstairs to see that mum had set the table and made tacos.Yum!!! I love tacos

After we all ate, I told Mum I have to go but I am taking Christa with us on the road.

"Ok sure, Take Christa."She said

"Love u mum,I will make sure she calls every night ok?" I said

"Okay love ya" She said

And we set off into the world.This will be fun!


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