Harrys Little Sis (ON HOLD)

X factor auditons, to the day they became a band on July 23 2010. I was there to witness it.


1. Becoming a Band--Prologue

Harrys P.O.V

It was amazing, the X factor audtions.I made it on the X factor! Then, didn't make it to the final round. I cried and cried. I met these lads, they were quite interesting. Ones name was Liam, very interesting he has crazy, wild hair like mine.Louis, he was very smart and had an interesting fashion statement.Zayn, Zayn looked like a punk kid, but he wasnt he was kind.Then there was Nialler, someone I would love my sister to be with. He was charming, and sweet.Perect, for Christa, but Christa is only 14 and really shy.But one day maybe a couple of years after we all make it,and become famous she will get to meet them.

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