Christmas + Disaster = The Family

-For the Christmas Competition-

The Weisser family could not be weirder. You've got mother Becca, who is always positive, and I mean always. Then the father, Mike, the big tough guy. Katrina is their punk daughter and there is two-year-old Bobby. Meet the rest of the family in the roller coaster of a story following their Christmas disaster.


3. 3. Feeling Christmasy

It 'twas still December 22, and the house is getting more and more...annoying. Festive should be the word, but they were definitely annoying.

A delivery man come a-knocking on the door. He held a box about the size of that box he was holding. Mike answered the door and signed for the package. As the man was walking back to his beat-up, musty car, he slipped on a slab of thick ice.

Katrina and Hannah snorted. Mike almost did too. Cathleen was to busy complaining about the God knows what. The meaning of life, most likely. Mom Rebecca ran to help him too. But what she did made it worse. She slipped too, her arms flailing.

That's when Katrina and her cousin burst out laughing. Mom looked up at them, then started to giggle too. Her auburn hair was covered in the few speckles of snow that could be seen.

"What's in the package, auntie? Lots of new stuff to try out?" Hannah asked.

"That's what she said." Katrina whispered to her laughing cousin.

The two of them burst out laughing and started tearing up.

"I don't know. Let's see!"

Bobby sat staring in his high-chair. He wanted out, and he wanted out now!

"KA!" Is what he screamed out. Everyone looked at him.

"His first word." Cathleen was astonished.

"Who's Ka?" Hannah asked, running her belly.


"What is that silly goose saying?" Mom said exasperated.


"Katrina, I think he's trying to say your name!" Mike exclaimed.

"Really? Why me?"

Then Bobby's arm was outstretched toward to punk girl. Her heart melted, although she told nobody.

"Merry Christmas, Bobby."

The baby smiled and laughed a squeaky laugh.

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