Christmas + Disaster = The Family

-For the Christmas Competition-

The Weisser family could not be weirder. You've got mother Becca, who is always positive, and I mean always. Then the father, Mike, the big tough guy. Katrina is their punk daughter and there is two-year-old Bobby. Meet the rest of the family in the roller coaster of a story following their Christmas disaster.


2. 2. Even More So

The next day, Grandma and Grandpa Weisser came through the doors. The halls were filled with wreaths and lights, along with small decorations on the fireplace mantel. Little elves danced throughout the house, and an abundance of presents were under the beautiful tree.

Katrina was still brooding, Mom was still positive, Cathleen was still being pesky, Hannah was still pregnant, and Mike still had a mustache.

Of course, Grandma was just watching the clock and Grandad was telling a story of how he had set a mattress afire.

Hannah was beginning to complain. A LOT. With all due respects, she was probably about to burst at anytime.

Christmas looked like it would never come. For one, there was no snow. In Minnesota. No white Christmas after all. Then the doorbell rang out.

When Mom opened it, she was greeted with,

"Good morning, Ma'am. We're here for Jamenson's Funeral Home. We've come to tell you with deepest sorrow that Brooks L. Weisser-has passed."

She responded with, "I'm sorry, but we don't have a Brooks L." And added, "Are you sure you have the right Weisser?"

"I'm sure as hell." The man said quite firmly. "Are you Rebecca Weisser?"

She nodded reluctantly.

"He was your Brother-In-Law. His life was recently taken by a car."

"Really? Why didn't I know? Well, have a good day!" Rebecca said, waving and slamming the door.

"I didn't even know I had a brother-in-law. I didn't have any sisters. So I don't quite understand what- Oh, I know now! I didn't get invited to the wedding. Shame on him!" Mom shouted.

A cry could be heard from the kitchen.

"Oh! Bobby!" Mom threw her hands up in exasperation. Her two year old son could be seen with applesauce smeared all over his face. A bowl was on the ground.

"Ooooo! The baby kicked!" Was also heard from the couch where Hannah was fanning herself.

"Isn't that wonderful! Katrina! For God's sake! KATRINA!" Rebecca screamed. Her daughter came racing down the stairs.

"What the hell do you want?" She said with a flip of her hair.

"Don't you use that sort of language with me! Go talk with your cousin!"

"Fine, I'll talk with that little-."


Mike shuffled out of the way as Katrina stormed down like bolt of lightning.

"I think it's time to watch the football game!" He grunted. Grandad nodded and followed. Grandma went to help clean up Bobby's mess. Aunt Cathleen just stood there.

"What a Merry Christmas this'll be!" She huffed.

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