Christmas + Disaster = The Family

-For the Christmas Competition-

The Weisser family could not be weirder. You've got mother Becca, who is always positive, and I mean always. Then the father, Mike, the big tough guy. Katrina is their punk daughter and there is two-year-old Bobby. Meet the rest of the family in the roller coaster of a story following their Christmas disaster.


1. 1. Let the Disaster Commence!

The doorbell rang, and the neighborhood dogs started barking.

"Shut up!" Could be heard from the other side of the door.

"That must be your Aunt Cathleen!" Mama Becca exclaimed.

Katrina rolled her eyes, and reluctantly opened the door, groaning. Her dark brown hair was dyed with teal streaks. The tight top she was wearing was riding up her stomach. Her skinny jeans were alright, and the hands in it's pockets were pale and cold.

Cathleen walked in and looked around. Her nose scrunched up, pulling a bottle of perfume out and squirting it twice.

"Welcome to our home, Cathleen!" Becca shouted, pulling her into a tight embrace.

A tall, stocky man with a mustache came down he stairs. He gestured to Cathleen and stood there.

"Oh! Mike, would you go help Hannah in?" shouted Becca. He ran out the door and opened a car door. A shaky girl who looked about 14 slowly stood up. She looked like an ordinary teen except for one thing. She was huge in the belly. As a pregnant teen, she was often stereotyped as 'slut' and a 'whore'. Already 9 months in, she was as big as a balloon. Upon walking in, she waved at Katrina, her cousin, who promptly shrugged her shoulders and walked away.

"So, should we be expecting a baby soon?" Becca asked.

"Um, yeah, my due date is in a week. I'm so excited!" Hannah said in her cute voice.

"I bet you are. Best of luck from me, sweetie!"

Mike walked over, clutching a phone in his hand.

"Grandparents will be here in a day. Got held back." He said.

"Oh, that's alright! We'll still have a wonderful time until we see them! Merry Christmas everyone!"

"Merry Christmas!"

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