My love


1. when the world went to hell

Brittany's pov

Hi I'm Brittany Stevens I have three brothers and one sister Travis C.J Weston and my little sis Alyssa she's 7 Travis is 20 Weston is 16 C.J is 10 and I'm 22 we were at a hospital when the world went to hell CJ was by me so was Alyssa Travis has 2 kids that he's holding a little boy hunter and I have his little girl Hannah he has twins there 2 sleeping everyone calm down oh my god Travis what the hell is that are those zombies run get to the car what about Jess she's ok I'll get her go now Weston here's Hannah run to the car now me and Jess will be there Travis drive your car to the front Weston grab mine and get it to the front CJ go with Weston you to Alyssa get in the car and shut up go ok Jess b come on let's get out of here thank god get in the car with Travis is my kids ok yes Travis has them babe get in now we gotta go ok Travis go hog go Weston now when we get to the house grab all the weapons and supplies and get in the car your in ok.

1 hour later

Ok ready to leave we gotta find somewhere safe to go where's dad Brittany I don't know but he's a stevens he can do it we will find him or he will find us let's go.

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