My love


2. 2 weeks

Brittany's pov

It's been 2 weeks in hell were at a department store right now hey b there's people outside hold on open the door come on hurry up thanks no problem get to the roof ok come on I'm Brittany that's CJ Weston Jessica we call her Jess Travis hunter Hannah and Alyssa I'm Glenn that's t-dog Merle Andrea look a radio and there's a guy running to that tank grab the radio Glenn ok tell him how to get to us ok hey ya you dipshit in the tank hello we were listening as Glenn explained to the guy how to do it when he got here we said our names and his was rick we had a plain to get out after the plan we were on our way to their camp at least me and my family have a group and camp now the bad thing is Rick handcuffed Merle to a pipe When t-dog went to unlock him he dropped the keys down a drain and ran but he chained up the door shit Daryl's gonna be pissed who's Daryl Merle Dixons Little brother shit.

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