Cross My Heart I'm The Better Spy

Cammie Morgan seems like a average teenager, she hangs out with her friends, has a overprotective dad, and always sleeps in late on the weekends but Cammie is anything but normal. Cammie is a young spy and she is one of the best. Her codename Chameleon is known by all spies as one of the best pavement artist you'll ever be followed by.


1. Meet Me Here At 2:00

Cammie was overwhelmed by the chaos in her room. She was going on a mission with her best freinds and they were wreaking her room getting dressed. Macey was running around with a dangerous looking hair straightener and yelling at Bex that she couldn't wear that wig because it didn't go with her shoes or something equally confusing that has to do with fashion. Cammie was more worried about the fact that Bex was putting on a bracelet that injects poison into someone's body. Macey was already dressed, and was curling Liz's hair.  

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