General Parodies

Hilarious parodies irrelevant to TV. Subjects so far concern mayonnaise, Monday, Justin Bieber, and that notoriously mental writer from CSM.


7. Sunday

(to the tune of Saturday.)

8 A.M.

Getting out of my bed

Tryin' to get Saturday out of my head

It's all a bit on me

Church came so quickly

They know I'm comin' back again

Wake my mom and my bro

Turn off the radio

Cause church is higher

Got fancy attire

Are we ready, are we ready to go?

This Sunday morn'

We gon learn the gospel

Information that we inhale for the rest of our lives

This Sunday noon we gon go home and chill

I don't want this day of rest to end

(guitar plays)

Sittin' down in the chapel

It's time to learn the gospel

Cause this is their time

To preach bout some crime

Done in long 'go scripture times

(chorus, guitar plays)

Yesterday was Saturday

Sure you knew that already

We know there's gonna be a tomorrow

That is it, it works that way

(4 previous lines repeated, chorus, guitar plays)

This Sunday we're goin' home to chill

I don't want this Sunday night to end

(2 previous lines repeated)

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