General Parodies

Hilarious parodies irrelevant to TV. Subjects so far concern mayonnaise, Monday, Justin Bieber, and that notoriously mental writer from CSM.


5. Opposite Day

(to the tune of Price Tag.)

OK, peanut woman, sun foot, and rice

Seems like no one's ever had a price

How did they ever stay awake?

When the truth comes first

And the sales come second

Just stop the cheese and frown

Why did they imprison Sirius

Why I brought that up is mysterious

Got sun on your 9s

And your feet so low that you can't even have a good crime


Everybody look to their right

Everybody look to their left

Can't you see it's true

We're paying in cash tonight

Cause it's all about the money, money, money

We gon need that money, money, money

We just wanna keep the world still

Don't forget the price tag

All about the cha-ching, cha-ching

This song's quite an opposing thing

We gonna keep the world still

Remember the price tag


We need to keep it in the present day

While music keeps us all at bay!

And it's all vid hoes and classic low blows

Am I the only one still awake?

Why are some unobsessed

Money can buy us happiness

Can you all calm down and enjoy right now?

This song ain't made for offense


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