General Parodies

Hilarious parodies irrelevant to TV. Subjects so far concern mayonnaise, Monday, Justin Bieber, and that notoriously mental writer from CSM.


4. Nell Minow's Theme

(to the tune of Uprising)

Bad reviews

Are in bloom

My reign of terror shall resume

I'll review Pokémon and give ground

They will never see the truth around

So type on!

They will never see the actual show

Thanks to me, Nell Minow!

So, type on!

And accuracy wrapped

In thick vines

To keep the truth

Forever confined

So type on!

(electric guitar plays)

They can't see past us

They will stop flattering us

They will not believe us

We will be notorious

So type on!

(electric guitar plays)

Lies! Lies! Lies! Lies!

We will see the brainwashed kids

Proud as heck of what we did

I'd think logically I could spill it out

I deserve to have vines from my body sprout

So type on!

Give a speech on Google's sources

That awkward moment when you hold your noses

So, type on!


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