Abused, broken heartened, and lost Vanessa struggles to put her life back together after a series of unfortunate events. Now with Luke back into her story and a haunting past she doesn't know what to do anymore. The sequel of the love story of "Behind the Lyrics." continues.


8. chapter 8

The boys flew back to do a show and I said goodbye to my parents who were flying back to Australia and I headed to Harvard to pack up my stuff before I took another flight back to meet Luke on tour.

I still couldn't believe this was all happening. I was about drop going to class to travel around with my boyfriend. I couldn't stop thinking about it my whole flight. I questioned if this was a good idea or not. After a few hours I was back at Harvard and in my dorm go see Jake and Amanda waiting for me. I had texted them before I got on my plane that I was coming home a day early and that I had some news. The eager looks on their faces made me laugh as they waited for me to let them know my news as I put my bags down.

"Soooo whats the news?!"Jake said. Jumping up and getting close to me. "Woah slow down good to see you too, let me settle in a bit first." I laughed pushing him back a bit. He sighed as he sat back down. I set my bag down and looked at the two. "So long story short, I saw Luke while I was in Michigan and we talked and now were back together and I'm going on tour with him." I said super fast barely letting out any breathes. Both of them jumped up at the same time with a look of complete excitement as they cheered and Jake picked me up and spun me around. I was beyond confused. I know this was an exciting time but damn didn't know they wanted to get rid of me this bad. Jake put me down and apologized about hugging me so tight. "Why are you guys so excited?" I said letting out a little laugh. "Because you and Luke are back together!" Jake screamed. "I know and it's exciting but you seem overly excited" a little smirk came on Jakes face. "I don't know I guess you and Luke are the long distance, couple the couple that people like me who is struggling through a long distance relationship look at to know that there is hope! And I mean come on Vanessa do not tell me that you were not this whole time still madly in love with Luke." He said still smirking at me. "Yeah yeah yeah you're right." I said turning at looking at Amanda who still had the biggest smile on her face. "I don't want to leave you alone Amanda." I said frowning realizing that she will be alone when I'm out touring with Luke. She laughed as she stood up and hugged me tight. "Don't you worry about me! Trust me I will be ok! Just make sure I get calls and skypes and visits ok!" I held her real tight. I hadn't know Amanda that long but for as long as I have known her she really was a beautiful and amazing person. She was so brave and smart and was so beyond inspiring and I just feel like I related to her so well. She was the perfect roommate and a truly amazing friend.

When I went to the counseling office I was taken in by head counselor Mr. Jeff Briggs who spent our entire meeting trying to talk me into staying but I stood strong. I was able to transfer to all online classes but needed to come in around finals times to take them in a classroom.

And that was it. I packed up my stuff said goodbye to Jake and Amanda and got on another plane to fly to meet Luke. I was so excited and nervous at the same time. I don't know why I was so nervous. Maybe because I didn't know what it would be like to tour with him, maybe I was afraid to live with him, maybe I was nervous about the fans. After Luke and I broke up I made the stupid decision to go online and look him up and me and found out people were mocking me like no other. It really brought me down to see those terrible things but I got over it because now Luke is all I worry about not what other people think.

I got off the plane and into the airport and after grabbing my bags I went to the main entrance and saw him there. He still gave me butterflies every time I saw him, and his eyes those blue I swear I could get lost in them every day and every minute and every second for the rest of eternity. They were so captivating. He ran to me as I dropped my bags and he picked me up into his warm arms and spun me around. It felt so good to finally be back into his arms again. It felt just like home.

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