Abused, broken heartened, and lost Vanessa struggles to put her life back together after a series of unfortunate events. Now with Luke back into her story and a haunting past she doesn't know what to do anymore. The sequel of the love story of "Behind the Lyrics." continues.


7. chapter 7

I opened my eyes and everything was blurry and I could hear murmurs in the background. I had no idea where I was but as things began to get clear I could see it was another hospital room. Not again. As I opened my eyes I heard Luke call my name and saw him sitting next to me holding my hand. I saw my parents run over to me. "Honey do you know your name?" My mom said to me. "Yeah it's Vanessa." "And whats the year?" "2014." She took a deep breathe in. "Oh thank god." She breathed out. "What happened? Where am I?" My parents turned and looked at Luke. "You uh passed out while we were walking. Do you remember that?" Luke said to me. I nodded. "Yeah I wasn't feeling well." I added.

A few moments later my doctor came in and asked if I had taken my mediation that morning. My eyes widened as I realized that I hadn't. The doctor continued and said that looking at my reports that I need to make sure I am staying on track with my medication for a while and that all that walking wasn't good for my body without y meds in me. The doctor said I was free to go tomorrow morning they just wanted to run one more test on my stomach tonight and that I am going to be fine. My parents could finally breathe again. It was very strange as I looked around the room my grandparents were here and they were sympathizing me. They looked almost as panicked as my parents and Luke were. Outside my hotel room I saw the other guys along with Alex and my brothers peaking into the room. After a while of talking to everyone my parents and grandparents headed down to the cafeteria to grab some lunch while Luke stayed with me. He hadn't left the seat next to my bed since I had woken up.

"Did I frighten you a bit!" I said grabbing Luke's hand breaking his glance at the floor. He smirked at me. "Just a major heart attack that's all." He joked. I noticed he didn't have his lip piercing in again as I examined his face something I caught myself doing a lot. "I'm sorry." I spoke up. "It's fine. I'm just glad you're ok. Why didn't you tell me you weren't feeling well while we were walking?" He rubbed this thumb across my hand keeping me relaxed. "I don't know I guess I was just caught up in the moment and didn't want it to end." We were silent for a moment. "I thought it was because I scared you with my offer." Luke spoke up. I let out a little laugh. "No it wasn't that scary." "You know I didn't get my answer." He said looking into my eyes. I began go frown a bit, "I don't think I can Luke. I'm sorry but I can't just drop school." A sad look appeared on him face, "I understand." It was silent for a while till my parents came back. We all talked a bit untill it got dark. I got to see my brothers and Alex and the rest of the guys as we all joked around and talked for a bit. A nurse came in letting everyone know that visiting hours were closing in a 15 minutes. I said goodbye to everyone as they waited outside for my parents to say goodbye to me. "Can I have a minute with Vanessa alone?" My dad said to my mom and we both looked at each other confused. She nodded and left leaving my dad and I in my room alone.

"How are you feeling?" He said rubbing my arm. "I feel fine now." I smiled at him. "Good." He said leaving the room quiet. "Weird to see grandma and grandpa here?" I said looking out the window to see them still here. It wasn't like them to stay all day for me being the hospital. "Yeah well once I told them what had happened to you and they felt absolutely horrible about everything they said to you." "You told them everything?" He nodded. "They deserve to know." He paused for a moment looking at them out the window. "I was upset about the things they were saying about you. You've been through so much and I wasn't going to let them trash you after you've done so much greatness in your life. When we got the call you were in the hospital I was fighting with them and when I told them they instantly felt guilty about everything." I was shocked. My dad stuck up for me? He was looking out the window at my mom was was talking to Luke. "Thank you" I said. He smiled and looked back out the window. "You know your mother is absolutely beautiful. I remember when I first meet her we were in a bar our friends introduced us and man she looked stunning. I was so nervous around her she was just too cool for me. I was so frightened to ask her out but once I did man it felt so good. I was terrified to introduce her to your grandparents. She wasn't going to college, she worked at McDonalds as a manager, she wasn't rich or successful but damn it she was so perfect. They hated her when I first introduced her basically shunned her to her face. She was from the outskirts of Detroit and thought because of that she had some bad reputation even though she was one of the sweetest and kindest most mature women I had ever meet. I remember inviting her over a family party and she was playing with my baby cousin and in that moment I knew she was going to make the best mother. My parents hated the idea when I told them I was going to marry her. I actually fought with them for the first time when they said they wouldn't allow me to marry her. She's honestly too good for me. She deserves so much better. I can't believe I made her go through all that and the fact that she stayed with me ha, she's incredible." He paused and looked at me. "I know I out you through a lot these past years, I regret it all. I guess I was so worried about pleasing my parents that I didn't even worry about what you wanted just your imagine. I realize now that the 'perfect life' I wanted you to have has so many flaws. I thought Luke was a failure and Tyler was so amazing and I couldn't be more wrong." He looked out the window again. "Luke looks at you like your the only person in the room. He really does love you. I'm jealous of how well he treats you. I could learn a bit from him." My eyes started to water as my dad hugged me tight. "I really am sorry for everything I forced you to do." After a long quiet moment I finally spoke up, "Luke invited me to go on tour with with." I whispered. "Really?! That's amazing. When are you going?" I was shocked at my dad said. "I-I said no." He now looked confused and shocked. "Why did you say no?" "Well because I have school and I-" my dad cut me off "Vanessa stop. Before you say anything. Harvard was my dream for you. I don't care if you want to drop it and go on tour with Luke. I realize now that this is your life not mine. What I want best for you sometimes isn't the best at all." "So so you don't care if I go?" He laughed, "it's your life Vanessa, all I care about is that you are happy and safe." My eyes began to water again as tears flowed down my face. My dad kissed my head as he got up to go. "Dad-" I said before he left, "I love you." Tears filled his eyes now. "I love you too darling. See you tomorrow."

That's the first time I had said I love you to my dad in a while and it felt so good. Everything that he said made me feel so good and happy but now I had to think about Luke's offer. All these thoughts were bouncing around my head and I contemplated the idea. I had gotten so far and classes hadn't even started yet was it worth dropping to go tour. I could do the traveling and studying program. As I kept thinking about everything I finally dozed off.

By noon the doctors were all done and released me from the hospital. I hugged my parents and grandparents and finally went up to Luke. "So when do we leave?" I said to him as he gave me a confused look. "What?" He said. "When do we leave for tour?" I said with a huge smile on my face. His eyes grew huge, "wait are you serious?!" He yelled. I nodded and before I knew it he picked me up and spun me around. I couldn't control my laughter and when he put me down he kissed me. My whole family was smiling at Luke and I and I went over and hugged my dad whispering a thank you in his ear.

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