Abused, broken heartened, and lost Vanessa struggles to put her life back together after a series of unfortunate events. Now with Luke back into her story and a haunting past she doesn't know what to do anymore. The sequel of the love story of "Behind the Lyrics." continues.


11. chapter 11

Touring was the most fun adventure to experience. Falling asleep in one city and waking up in another the next morning. Secretly exploring cities when we had the chance. Getting to watch Luke and the boys perform every night in different arenas. Luke was a different person performing, he was happier. People kept telling me that his performance got a lot better when I staying on tour. Everyone was so kind on tour as well. They were one big family who lead took me in and made my one of their own. Lou and I practically became best friends as she taught me more about makeup and hair (which I really needed an education on) And I even meet Eleanor and Danielle the girlfriends of Louis and Liam who would stay with us a few days. We instantly became close as they told me all about dating someone in the spotlight. And if all of this could get better being with Luke all the time and falling asleep next to him every night defiantly wad the cherry on top of it.

The boys had been doing some secret planning while on tour. They planned to play award shows and headline shows and even a tour of their own. It was cool getting to know all the secret planning going on along with the idea that I MIGHT BE GOING TO AN AWARD SHOW. 5 seconds of summer were asked to perform at the billboard music awards and I was their plus one date. I almost screeched how excited I was. I saw the list of celebrities and almost fainted when I saw some of the names on that list! My hero Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran my biggest crush (don't tell Luke) and more and more! I didn't think life could get any better.

After the shows we always would either go out or on very rare occasions we would head back to the bus early but today Luke had been pushing that him and I go back the bus. He obviously wasn't interested in the city we were in but without fighting I went back. Luke was being weird and pushy as he basically forced me into the bus first. I jumped when I saw a girl standing at the back of the bus, a familiar face...

"CAITLIN!" I screamed as I ran to her and grabbed tight onto her. We spun around like the cheesy movies. "What are you doing here? Oh my gosh!" I yelled as the look on her face dropped. "Honey we need to talk, sit down." She sat me down and waved Luke over. Suddenly my heart dropped. "What's going on?" I say looking at her then Luke who suddenly looked just as confused. Caitlin grabbed my hands. "Um well I hate to break the bad news right away but we really need to talk about this. Tyler is pleading that he is not guilty and wants to be released from prison." As soon as she said that my heart stopped, "they released him and he is on probation till the trail but it's not looking good because he has the best lawyer, if you want him to stay in jail you're going to have to testify and prove that he is guilty in court." I froze. I couldn't believe any of it. Tyler, a free man. "What the fuck! We have proof! We have two medical bills, pictures, I saw it with my own damn eyes!" Luke started to yell as he paced around the room. Luke and Caitlin kept talking and yelling but I couldn't hear them anymore my head was spinning so fast, memories coming back, my scars and bruises felt as if they were brand new. "Vanessa Vanessa!" I felt two hands shake me. I looked up at Luke with tears in my eyes as he grabbed me so tight and hugged me kissing my check. "We will get through this ok" he said his forehead on mine. Kissing my forehead one more time before backing away he said "Vanessa your going to have to tell us what happened detail for detail." I froze and looked at them, I haven't even told my side of the story to anyone...

"Um uh well......"

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