Abused, broken heartened, and lost Vanessa struggles to put her life back together after a series of unfortunate events. Now with Luke back into her story and a haunting past she doesn't know what to do anymore. The sequel of the love story of "Behind the Lyrics." continues.


10. chapter 10

The arena was huge. A large stage with a catwalk right down the center And two large screens playing different music videos and advertisements. The crowd would scream and yell anytime a 5sos or 1D ad came on or music video. Fans were trying to get to Lou and I but security wouldn't let them. You know a group is big when the stylist need her own body guard. We were sitting and waiting patiently for the show to start when suddenly the screens I had been watching turned black and a the silent noise of strumming on guitars could be heard before the thousands of screaming girls covered the noise....

Ash came out and the crowd went wild!!! It was a loud mix of ear bleeding noises with sobs and "ASHTON HOLY FUCK I LOVE YOU" before I knew if the other guys came on strumming away playing 18. I could feel my heart pounding as I watched Luke was down the catwalk to the side where I was seated. I couldn't help but blush when he winked down and me. The girls around me practically fainted as they fought over who Luke winked at. Lou grabbed my hand and laughed finding it just as funny as I did.

The show was honestly incredible!!! The guys sounded and played amazing. I was always extra attracted to Luke when he played his instrument and sang when we were in Ashton's garage but now up on stage watching him I was on a whole new level of attracted to him. I couldn't tell if it was his wild amount of energy he had or the fact that hundreds of thousands of girls were screaming towards him and bawling their eyes out. The crowd was amazing though. The amount of posters just for 5sos were incredible and they all knew the words to every song. And it was quite hilarious the dirty dirty things I heard coming from the young peoples mouth.

When the boys ended Luke nodded and smiled at me pointing his head toward the backstage area. The loud screams continued on as the girls grabbed each other the review what just happened. "Did you see Michaels hair, Holy shit Calum nodded at me, Ashton's arm oh my my my, did you see Luke kept looking at me and smiling." I smiled, I loved their fans so much.

Lou grabbed my hand as the body guard lead us to the backstage. People were running around fixing equipment, pulling things out to put on stage and take off. I looked around to find a sweaty Luke placing his guitar in a set to be taken away. I ran to him and he grabbed me and spun me around. "EWWW YOURE SWEATY" I let out a half yell half laugh. He kissed me while he still had me in the air before dropping me down and whipping his nasty sweaty hair on me. I ran away and he chased me and before I knew it Ashton grabbed me tight followed by the rest of the boys. I smushed in the middle of their gross group hug with their sweaty body's hovering over me. "Ok guys that's gross let her go!" Lou laughed. My savior. "So what did you think of the show?" Luke said wrapping my arms around me. "Eh kinda boring." Luke's face dropped before I broke out laughing. "If was FANTASTIC! You guys really put on a great show!!" He smiled and kissed me again wrapping his arms tight around me. "NO PDA!" A strange Irish accent yelled behind us. I turned around to see Niall shouting and the rest of the 1D boys following. I hadn't meet them yet but boy had I heard a lot about them. "Great job boys." Louis said smacking Michael on the back. "And who may the lovely lady be Luke." He added. "This is Vanessa." Luke said grabbing me tighter by the waist. "Vanessa this is the lads." I smiled as my face blushed as Nialls awkward comment. Each boy introduced them self to me but I already knew who each of them were considering almost every girl at my school was beyond obsessed with them. Zoe will be flipping out when I tell her this she was a bit more than obsessed. The 5sos boys wished the 1D boys luck as the went to go perform.

"So I'm going to shower and clean up, I'll be on the bus when you're done with the show." Luke said kissing my forehead. "I didn't know I was suppose to stay for the whole show." Luke laughed, "well you can't just leave Lou and trust me you may not be a big 1D fan but they are really good. Just stay and watch it!"

I followed Lou back out and the show began. And the be honest the 1D boys actually were really amazing!! They had such amazing voices and their songs were really really good. I could see why the girls were obsessed. The voices, the accents, the looks perfect package. Not my Luke though to me he was more then perfect.

When the show was over we were pulled to the back while we waited for the arena to clear up. I watched as the people packed up the stage.

After a 45 minute wait we finally got back the bus. The boys were all Lying down and relaxing as I went to Luke and sat down cuddled up next to him. It took another 45 minutes before the bus took off to the next city. We all stayed up a bit and talked and relaxed before heading off to bed. I slept in Luke's bunk as his large 6 foot body held my tiny 5 foot body. "I'm so glad you're here with me." Luke whispered in my ear before drifting off the sleep. I kissed his forehead. He had no idea how happy I was to be here with him.

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