Abused, broken heartened, and lost Vanessa struggles to put her life back together after a series of unfortunate events. Now with Luke back into her story and a haunting past she doesn't know what to do anymore. The sequel of the love story of "Behind the Lyrics." continues.


1. chapter 1


Caitlin impatiently tapped her foot staring down the giant man blocking the bus. "I told you I have to see Luke tell him it's about Vanessa he knows who I am!" She screamed. "That's what everyone else says." He said "sorry you can't enter." Caitlin let out a little scream when the bus door opened. "Whats going on here." Another head said popping out of the bus, another large muscular man. "This girl says she has to talk to Luke and I told her no!" The security guard sad. "I have to speak with him about Vanessa!" Caitlin yelled back. "Are you Caitlin ?" The other guy said. She nodded. "Jack are you stupid the guys are friends with her. Come on in sweetie." The other man said inviting Caitlin inside the bus. She stuck her tongue out at Jack as she entered accidentally slamming the door behind her.

"Caitlin?" Michael said standing up. There say the 5 seconds of summer guys sitting down with their instruments all lying on the lounge. They all looked at Caitlin strangely, a familiar face that haven't seen in a while. "Uh hi..." Caitlin began, "Luke I need to talk to you." Everyone's eyes turned to Luke who looked more confused then everyone else in the room.

The two went into the back of the bus and Luke took a seat while Caitlin paced around the room. "Luke I need you to listen to everything I have to say before you say anything. Understood?" Luke nodded. "Ok so I don't know what happened between you and Vanessa and why you broke up, she wouldn't tell me, but she went into a deep depression after it," Luke looked down. "Well long story short she is dating a new guy," Luke looked up with a long frown on his face, "and well he is physically and mentally abusing her," "WHAT?!" Luke said standing up anger in his eyes and face cutting Caitlin off. "Woah Luke let me finish please!" He backed up a bit fists tightened. "Vanessa needs someone to talk to her and I know you guys haven't talked in three months but I've tried everyone and no one can get through her thick skull." ""Yes let's go now I'm going to beat the shit out of this guy." "No! You can't!" Caitlin said pushing him back down onto the seat. "Why the hell now! He is abusing Vanessa!" "I know I know trust me I want to see his ass get kicked as well but when I told Alex about happened he got angry and went to go beat him up and Vanessa screamed at Alex saying if he put one finger on him she would stop talking to Alex forever so he punched him in the face and Vanessa refuses to speak to him and you know how close Vanessa and Alex are imagine what would happen if you hit him." Luke let go of the grip of his fist. "Ok let's go." He said taking a deep breathe. "Ok but Luke you can't tell anyone not even the other guys." "Why not?" "Because it was hard enough to stop you now if you tell them they will talk you into just beating this guy up and I won't be able to talk you out of it again." He nodded and they left.

"Where are you going?" Calum kept bugging. "I told you it's a family thing." Luke said putting clothes into a bag. "Why was Caitlin here then?" Michael asked. "She wanted to inform me that Vanessa had a boyfriend." The room got silent. "I'm so sorry man." Ashton said patting Luke's back to comfort him. "It's fine." Luke looked down. The guys had a few days off and were going to spend it rehearsing for the iTunes festival they had coming up in a month but Luke was going to fly home to talk to Vanessa for the first time in months. He still felt guilty about the way he broke things up with Vanessa but he had to do it, he did it because he loved her not to hurt her.

Luke and Caitlin were driving in his car when she stopped him at a house he has never been to before. "That's strange." Caitlin spoke up. "What is?" Luke questioned. "Well Vanessa's car is still here but Tyler's isn't." "And that's weird why?" "Because the lights are off and Vanessa always drives him around meaning that she must be home." "Well let's go in then!" "I can't" Caitlin said and froze looking at him. Luke gave her a confused look. "I can't because I'm the only person she trust right now and if she sees that I asked you to come here she won't trust me and no one will have the insight of what is happening to her." Luke nodded and headed to the front porch.

He knocked on the door and waited and waited and nothing. He heard the sound of coughing then an upheaving noise. He knocked on the door again and then heard a wailing noise and light scream and he grabbed the door knob and opened the door. He looked around the dark room and there he saw her, the precious beautiful little girl that he protected not that long ago and still loved curled up in a ball eyes blood shot red, covered in vomit, tears pouring down her face mixed with black from the makeup she must have been wearing, hair pulled and messy, shaking, and bruises and marks all on her body, wailing and screaming staring at a wall. "Vanessa!" Luke said running to her. "DONT HURT ME!" She screamed letting out more tears. Luke was beside her. "I won't Vanessa I'm not here to hurt you!" She tried to stop her from shaking but she pushed and screamed then suddenly inhaling and exhaling deeply before throwing up again and passing out in Luke's arms. "Vanessa?! Vanessa?!" He screamed. He picked up the limp little body and ran her to his car racing off the the hospital.

I'm the emergency room they took her to the back right away. Luke near tears confused as to what was going on and what happened. Caitlin told Luke to call the other guys and tell them whats up if he was planning to stay till Vanessa woke up while she called her parents.

It was late the next night the guys had decided to drop their break and one show to come to the hospital to see Vanessa. Her parents had gone home for the night after spending the whole day wailing and crying over her body. The doctor told everyone that Vanessa had been poisoned and beaten and he believed sexually assaulted. She was in a coma until she decided she was going to wake up was the words he used. The guys all sat in the room quiet Luke holding her hand and Caitlin sitting quietly on the other side. They looked up at each other and she saw the pain in Luke's eyes. He hadn't stopped starring at Vanessa for hours and even let cried for a while. "Caitlin what the hell happened while I was gone." Everyone turned to look at her waiting for her to speak. "Well......"

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