Once Upon A Time! ๐Ÿ™ˆ


3. Studying

Sierra P.O.V 

Harry took me to his place in silence.

What have i gotten myself into?

"Okay we are here" he said and walked straight to his front door.

i climbed out of the car and stood beside him. " You know its polite ti open the car door for the woman"

" I don't do polite,babe" 

"Please don't call me babe" 

He told me his school supplies and books were in his room.

we started studying and i surprised he was actually getting the hang of this. We were already halfway done with the assignment.

"So are you gonna prove it?"

"Prove what" 

" That you"re not a goody-goody which you are."

"i am NOTTTT" I yelled.

"Prove it" 

" I don't want too" 


" Am not" Back and Forth that went as if we were little kids.

Next thing i know im kissing Harry. i smashed my lips on his \. i felt his tongue shim bottom lip.

what does this mean?

ohh well 

he did it again. 

what is that? 

He pinched my side and i giggled and he put is tongue in my mouth.

ohh i heard of this. This is a French kiss.

wait,what am i doing 

"Im so sorry, this is a mistake. My first Kiss was a mistake. You played me, you made fun of me until i kissed you . that kiss meant nothing. I just wanted you to shut up! I have to go... Good Luck with your grades and all.." i say getting up.

"You cant" 

" What make you say that." I snapped at him while gathering my things.

" i drove you here. you cant walk home. this is a city  it will be getting dark soon" He said Coming towards me.

" i will risk it"

" I wont let you" 

" Your not my father" 

" Look im sorry" 

Did harry just say sorry? That is not like him.

"Since we will be seeing each-other a lot for my tutoring. Can i take you to the mall so we can get  to know each other better? NOT AS A DATE!! No offense, but i wouldn't be caught dead dating you" 

What do i have to loose? 

" Fine, I just want to be home by 7;30" 

** At the mall**

we've been talking and looking at shops forever. Harry probably knows everything about me now. 

" so tell me what a goody-goodies do?" He asked as we sat down to snack on frozen yogurt in the food court. 

i guess i will try to accept the fact that im  a goody-goody,maybe,not.

" if i were one" i started off with and Harry rolled his eyes. ' goody-goodys have perfect grades, perfect attendance, perfect manners., perfect language, perfect everything, which is something you don't have"

" That's how you know you're a goody-goody" hr laughs.

" What do bad boys do?" i ask him.

"this" he pulled my hand over to one of the carts that were selling sunglasses.

we began walking out to the car. This time he opened the door for me and I was shocked. 

He then got in and started the engine. 

"So what do bad boys do?"

He Pulled unpaid glasses from his pocket of his hoodie.

' You, you Sto-" 

" I stole them. They look like that fit your styles. you want them?" 

" Im good" i looked at him curiously. 

" What you're not goona make me take them back?" 


"Ooh, Goody-goody is getting bad" 


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