Once Upon A Time! πŸ™ˆ


13. StoryBook is Fake.

Sierra's P.O.V

" I won't! I won't do it" I say.

This is like a fairy tale! There's something I don't know and I will figure it out.

" Where is Luke.?" I ask. " Walking here now" he says looking at his phone. I run out of the house. " Sierra stop!" They yell. " Stay here! I'll be fine!" I run to Luke.

" Sit !" I say demanding him. He sits! " What do you know, that I don't.? Why are you turning into a monster. Why do I have to lose the one I love the most. Why does it sound like a fairy tale.?"I say.

" You'll think I'm crazy, if I tell you" he says looking at me. " This is as weird as It can get, try me." I say. " Okay, because love this is a fairy tale. Storybook is fake. We are all fairy tales. The evil queen, cursed " StoryBook" so we all forget. You're the only person who can ever save us. So we can regain out memory!"he says.

" This is Insane! You're on drugs! You're delusional!" I say. " Really now.?" He says. " Why should I believe anything you say?!" I say. " That's the reason, no one ever comes here! It hasn't been the few in year! Only people who are fairytales! Can enter Storybook! Why do you think it's called storybook! Why do you think " StoryBook" isn't on the map.?" He said. " That-" I stop. " Yeah exactly! You're the only one who can save us." He says.

" If this is true? How can I save us.?" I ask. " Rumple Still-Skins. He's the ruler of all magic. The owner of All Things Magic." He says. " Mr.Skins.? He won't hurt a fly" I say. " Here he won't, there he will. But be careful. His magic comes with a price." He says walking away.

What does he mean, his magic.? Does he have magic. First thing, let's see if StoryBook is on the map.

I run to Harry's moms house and get out the map. It's not there.

" It's can't be!" I say. " What love ?" Harry says. " Why would this happen.?" I say. " What?" Calum says. " Look" I point on the map. " What.?" They laugh. " Where's storybook.? " I ask. " It's not there" they say . "He was right! Storybook is fake, and we're all fairytales" I say looking at them.

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