Once Upon A Time! πŸ™ˆ


2. Prove It ! ✌️

Sierra's P.O.V

" Okay class" my teacher Mrs.Taylor started off with , " As soon as you finish you're test you can turn it in , and head to lunch" she smiles .

Piece of Cake!

I start to think, and she hands out the test.

I already have straight A's in this class If I get an A on this test that will be the millionth one, not the brag.

Finished! First, One done of course, it's not a race as they say, but to me I am.

" lighting fast again, Sierra Another A I assume" Mrs.Taylor gushed at me.

" Thank you" I said heading out the door.

" Wait one minute, please some to my desk" Mrs.Taylor said

I have nothing to worry about , I never get introuble.

" Yes Ma'am?" I said.

" Sierra, Loosen up, you're so uptight, and as I am proud, of you with your perfect grades, you can live a little and be a teenager, Go to a party !! Don't waste you're life being a goody-goody with this perfect act all your life! You don't have to be a goodie-Goody you're whole life" she said .

Why does everyone say I'm a goody goddy?

I love Mrs.Taylor and all , but when she said that it irritated me and little bit.

" Okay Thank you for the advice. I will try" I say trying to exit again.

" Sierra?"

" Yes, Mrs.Taylor"

" I have a favor to ask you, but you have NO choice. You have to see it through"

" May I ask what the Favor is.?" I ask nervously.

" You may, You must tutor Harry and get his grades up"

" Yes ma'am" and I excite the room, and went to my locker.

Truth is Harry, Is a big flirt, and a surprisingly I've always had a crush on him , he Is extremely attractive, but I can and will never have him.

Ms.Taylors comment of me being a goody-goody bothered me.

I walked in the cafeteria over to my friends Cheyy and Mimi.

" Heyy Guys!" I said cheerfully and sat down and pulled out my lunch.

" Hey" they says in unison.

" So guys answer this truthfully! Am I a goody-goody" I say taking a bite of my apple.

They shared a look, and I instantly knew what there answer was.

" I am not!" I yell.

" no offense, but you kinda are" Cheyy said.

" Sierra, live a little" Mimi said.

" mhm" Mimi said.

" What" I asked Mimi.

" hottie at 12:00" I rolled my eyes and looked at the " hottie"

Is was Harry

He was pinching girls butts as they walked by. Ugh.

" He's such a first"

" a cute flirt"

" but he's touching those girls butts"

" Come on Sierra! Just say ass. He's touching those girls asses! You're not goona get put in jail for saying it. Stop being a goody-goody"

" I have to go talk to him about something! Gotta go!" I say getting my stuff and waking over to him.

I tap on his shoulder , and he turned around.

" Sarah, what do you want .?" He said.

" Sierra, and Mrs.Taylor said I have to tutor you" I says.

" Aww how cute ? Miss Goody-Goody gets to Tutor me"

" I am not !!!" I yell back.

ugh why is everyone saying I'm a goodie-goodie!!!

" Prove it" he Whisper-Shouted in my ear, making shivers go down my back!

"I will take you to my place after school, so we can study tonight Sarah" he walked off.

" it's Sierra"" I yell!

Ooh LORRDD I'm going to his house ..

A/N I hope you like it ! πŸ˜‹

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