Once Upon A Time! πŸ™ˆ


11. Moving in. πŸ˜‹

Sierra's P.O.V

I'm moving in today! The boys are helping, so none of us are at school. We take everything to Harry's house.

" Where does this go.?" Liam ask. " Harry, were should we put my dresser.?" I ask him. " Right there" he points beside his.

They lay it there. They bring the rest of my stuff in, and I start to unpack it all. It feels like we're moving In together. " Babe!!!!!!" I yell! " What.???" He says walking over to me. " I love you" I kiss him. He kisses back. He walk over to his bed, as we began to start making out.

You know what happens next .

**After Sex**

" oh my god baby!" I kiss him. " That was" " Amazing" we say at the same time.

The only bad thing is. We forgot one thing.

I get up and go to the kitchen! " I'm hungry!" I say. " Do you want, the Harry special.?" He laughs. " It's sound good ! Yes" I say laughing. He status cooking.

**After he's gone cooking**

He gave me my plate and we go watch a movie. " How is it love ?" He ask me. " it's the best sandwich I have ever had" I smile, taking another bite. " You know what's the Special ingredient.?" He said. " What is it .?" I smile. " It's called, love" he laughs. " I love you so much!" I kiss him.

He kisses back, and I cuddle up with him. " You're the cutest thing ever!" He kisses my forehead. " You're the cutest person alive" I smile. " Love.?" He says. " Yes babe.?" I say. " We have 2 more days and we will be 1 month" he smiles at me.

There is a knock at the door. " ill get it!" I say, getting up and open the door. It's Calum. He looks frightened. " What's wrong.?" I say letting him in. " Something is going on with Luke!!" He says to Harry. " What do you mean.?" He asked me.

" He's turning into a dick! He looks terrible, and he wants you. He said, he will do anything for you. He's turning into a monster. I don't mean and nasty monster, I mean a monster, as in a rude person" he says looking at me.

" So what you're telling me? Is if I don't do what he wants, he's going too-" I look at Harry. " Hurt the one you love the most" Calum said." I won't let him do it!" I say. " I won't!"

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