Once Upon A Time! πŸ™ˆ


7. Monday πŸ˜­πŸ˜”

Sierra's P.O.V

It's Monday, the most wonderful day of the week. My mom told me I can stay home, as she knows of what has happened.

She didn't like the fact, that Harry did that to me. I went to school that day.

**At Lunch**

Liam and Louis sat with me , and Harry and the others were by themselves. Harry walked over to us.

" So, y'all are taking her side now ." He said to them. " They aren't taking anyone's side! You're the cold harder fucker, who fucked Mrs.PerfectPanther over here ! You're turn to pay the piece! You lose me and you lose you're friends! They actually care unlike you! You fucking dickweed!!!" I yell at him.

Everyone got quite and paid attention to us arguing.

"Wow Sierra, I might have had sex with her, but it didn't mean anything! I love you-" I cut him off. " You love me ?" I laugh. " You called me a bitch, that's a good way to show you " love" me" I say. " I do love you! If I didn't! I wouldn't be arguing right now!! Please!!!" Harry yelled crying.

I look at Louis and Liam, they give me a look saying, say no and give him a while.

" No, harry I'm sorry..." I say walking away. " It's okay he has me ! Someone better and prettier" the blonde bitch says. I turn around.

" Bitch! Shut the fuck up!! I promise I'll beat you're ass infornt of everyone! And make you're face look pretty, and you teeth to look straight!" Everyone laughs.

" at least I'm not a skank" she yells. " I'm a skank.? I didn't

Fuck someone else's boyfriend! Now did I.?" I say. " He isn't you're boyfriend ! Never was" she yells back. " Why don't let him chose.. Me or you" I say. " Harry, me or her.?" She ask Harry. He gets up.

I look at him and he looks at me. Then he looks at her. " I'm sorry Haley, but I'm choosing Sierra. I love her a lot, what me and you did that night. Was a mistake.. I don't like you like that and never have." Harry says walking away.

" I'm better than you!" She yells to me. " You better run!" I say. " For.?" She ask me. " This" I start to punch her, I get on top of her and punch her, Louis pulls me off. I have blood on my hand, and she's bleeding terribly.

" Just cause I use to be a goody goody don't mean I am now!" I say, and we leave school.

** At My House**

" Sierra!!" My mom yells. " Stay Here guys! Something's wrong I can tell" I run to her room.

" Mom! What's wrong ?!" I ask walking over to her, laying on her bed in pain.

" I need to go to the hospital! Please !" She cries harder.

" Liam!! Call the ambulance !! Someone please!" I cry. My mom starts to close her eyes, and she gets pail. " No mom.. Please stay! Mom, you can do it !! Please stay for me!" I cry holding her tight to me. " I love you" she whispers. " I love you too mom" " I love you too"

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