Once Upon A Time! πŸ™ˆ


8. Love Someone So Much, let them go

Sierra's P.O.V

We get to the hospital, I'm so scared for my mom's life. She's my best friend . Yeah we fight and stuff. She always my best friend.

** 6 am**

I was sleeping in the chair, my alarm went off. I was in pajamas. I get up and walk to my moms bed. " Bye mom, I'll see you when I get back, please wake up.." I say leaving, and going to the house.

I get cloths on and head to school.

**In The Hallway**

I was walking to my locker, silent. I get my English book and close my locker and walk to class.

" Sierra, can we talk in the hallway.?" Mrs.Taylor asked.

" Yeah of course" I walk In the hallway. " I heard what happened to you're mother .. I think it's best. And all of use talked about it, if you just listen to the lesson and do no work, just incase you have too leave" she says to me. " Okay" as I sat in class. Harry looked at me . They were reading some kind of love book.

" Class.? What do you think this story means.?" The Teacher Asked. Harry raises his hand. " Yes Harry.?" .

" If you love someone so much, let them go.." He says. " That's right, see Tyler loves Tori so much, but Tori is dying.. And ...... Blah" I knock out her voice in my mind . And think of what he said.. I love my mom so much. I have to let her go.

" Can I call the Hospital.?" I ask Mrs.Taylor. " Of course.." She stops class so I can call the hospital. " Hello.? How can I help you.?" Mr.ramen asked me. " Can you put the phone to my moms ear.?"I ask him. " Yeahh.." He puts it to her ear. I start to cry and everyone looks at me " Hey mom... I love you so much! You'll be in a better place. One Once said If you love someone so much let them go.. So mom-" I cry. " Don't be afraid to let go.. You're always my mom, dead or alive. " You're always my hero. I love you.." I say. I hear I love you too.. Then I hear a beeping noise. I drop the phone and cry harder.

" She's gone.." I say out loud .. Harry walks over to me and rubs my back. " I'm so sorry" he says. " Just leave me alone . If you love me so much, you'll let me go" I say getting up and walking out of the class.

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