Once Upon A Time! πŸ™ˆ


5. Just Friends! ✌️

Sierra's P.O.V

I have been ignoring , Harry for the past week. He's called my house phone, my phone, texted me 100 times. I see him in the hallways at school but I always ignore him.


It was like 4 pm, I was on the couch, laying down, watching Netflix, and the phone was ringing . My mom got it and walked in to me..

" Heyy love, It's Harry" she whispered..

I nod my head . " Sorry, she's in the shower, can see call you later .?" She said. " Okay bye Hun" she hangs up. She looks at me. " I know what you're thinking" I say. " Ooh really?" She says. " It's not fair to him.." I say.

"Sierra, it really isn't fair to him, I know that you're scared of it happening again.. But he don't deserve the silence.. You have to tell him, you never know you might lose him, his goodie-goodie self .. He can always turn his back." She said.. She was right.. I can always lose him.

" I hate it, when you're right.. But not today . I'm not talking to him today.." I say, walking outside and sitting in the grass, and my phone in front of me. It starts to ring and it's him.

I answer it.. " Hello.?" I say. " Heyy ... What happened to you .? Are you okay.?" He asked concerned. " I'm fine... How fast can you get here.. I have some bad news..." I say. " I'll be there in 5" he says hanging up, and coming over.

When he came my mom let him in. He came and sat beside me , it was getting dark .. " Why have you been so Low-key on me ?" He asked me .

" Well.. I didn't tell you everything about me .. When I was 10 my 14 year old babysitter rapped me .. He walked in , when I was in the shower , pulled me out and told me if I didn't have sex with him, he would kill me .. I refused , so he toke me and rapped me ... When you started taking off my shirt , and stuff I scared me ... And I just left.. I'm sorry I just left like that" I say, looking at the ground.

Gosh he's so perfect ! He's so cute ! Adorable !!! Ohh myy godd.

" So how are you feelings now .?" He asks me. " I'm feeling good " I say smiling at him and laying back on my stomach , and looking at the stars. " You know Sierra." He started and layed back. " Yes.?" I ask him. " You're a beautiful girl, and you're amazing! And I started growing feelings for you.." He smiled at me .. " Harry, I think it's best if we stay friends as of right now, you're attractive and all, but I'm not ready for this.." I say.. "Yeahh, I wasn't saying we needa date right away, let's take it slow.." He says. " Just friends .?" I say . " Just Friends" he says..

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